Friends and Acquaintances

One of my readers suggested that I provide a glossary of pseudonyms for the people I often mention in this blog.  The list below is an attempt to identify these people and how they relate to me, so that you, the reader, can have an idea of their importance in my life.

  • AOG - A former co-op board member who knows that I'm transgender, and who I've met in both presentations.
  • BXM - A relatively new friend met via OK Cupid.  We interact as female friends, although she knows I am transgender.  She has never met me in male mode.
  • Cat Lady (Neighbor) - A woman who used to live two floors below me.  She was mentally disturbed, and could not live independently without help.
  • Cat Lady (Romance) - A woman I met via OK Cupid.  I dated her a few times and then let things slide.  A year later, we met again, and I let things slide because of a lack of chemistry on my side AND a severe allergy to her three cats.
  • CSN - A woman I was engaged to before I got married to my wife in 1985. Our lives intersected again after I was widowed (in 1997), but she never knew that I was transgender.
  • DCD - A man who was in a therapy group I once was in.  His wife of 23 years decided to leave him, and is going through a nasty divorce which is complicated by the presence of two children and a house whose mortgage is way underwater.
  • DD - A saleslady at The Avenue in Newburgh.  I only interact with her as a female, but feel she knows I am transgender.
  • Ex-GF-M - A woman I dated for 8 years (2003-2011), but grew to dislike yet didn't have the emotional strength to leave for years.  One of three siblings, she always seemed to be playing the role of "the good daughter", getting stuck with family responsibilities that she should have been sharing with her brother and sister.
  • Fran - A transgender woman I know from the GLBT center at which I volunteer.
  • GFJ - My current girlfriend (as of late 2014).  She knows I'm transgender, but prefers to be with me in male mode.  She is undergoing a divorce, but has an upbeat attitude.
  • GFL - My former girlfriend (dated 2013 to mid 2014). Divorced with one adult daughter and one male grandson, all living in Staten Island.
  • HWA - A board member of my co-op, with whom I'm developing a friendship in both genders. 
  • HWV - The current president of my co-op, with whom I'd like a nice woman to woman friendship. 
  • Joanie - A woman I once worked with.  She knows I'm transgender, and has met me in both modes.  We once dated many years ago, but it didn't work out.
  • Kelly - Fran's cisgender Daughter, who I often work with at the GLBT center.
  • Lili - A former traveling vendor to a site I once worked at.  She has few friends, is a food addict like me, and has extreme social anxiety.  She has one child who she is estranged from as of mid 2015. She has met me in both male and female modes, but prefers to see me as a female.
  • Lola - A woman I met in Washington, DC. She may or may not realize that I'm transgender. 
  • Maria - A former coworker from the bank I used to work for.  Divorced once and remarried, she has two adult daughters and one grandson. She has met me in both modes.
  • NCF - The hostess of one of the "North Country" Polyamory group meetings, with whom I share a certain physical chemistry.
  • NM (of Artoberfest) - A woman I once dated who has been with me, both en-homme and en-femme, and with whom I'd like to develop a good friendship if time and money ever permit.  She is a widow, and has had economic troubles due to a "Zombie Title" and a mortgage held by "Megabank".
  • Nosy Neighbor - A woman who lives on the floow below me. Her family has a blue collar background, and leans politically to the right.  The family has been a thorn in the side of our co-op's managing agent for years, as they have been accused of stirring up trouble between people as they have nothing better to do.  Once friends, I have made it a point to say as little to this woman, lest she has ammunition she can use against me in the co-op.
  • NPWJ - The woman I worked with at NPW, more of an acquaintance than anything else.
  • OCP - A woman who answered my Marian Mode OK Cupid ad that I'd like to have as a friend. (I don't need another woman with major health issues as a romantic interest.) 
  • Pat (former hypnotist) - A woman who once worked to hypnotize me, helping me to lose 70 pounds (which I gained back after I started dating Ex-GF-M).  She is a leftist who believes in conspiracy theories, but is a warm person behind her shell.  She knows I am transgender, has met me in both modes, but prefers to see me as Marian.
  • Patty (ex Girlfriend) - A woman I dated from 2001-2003.  She has early retired from a job she held from her early 20's, and married a widower (Steve) that she met shortly after we broke up. Both she and her husband know I am transgender, and have met me in both modes.
  • RO - A woman I dated once in 2014, and stumbled into again in 2016.
  • Sherry - A polyamorous woman I dated for a short while, but with whom I've developed a good friendship.  She knows I'm transgender, and I usually meet her when in female mode.
  • Vicki - A woman who I've known from the days I was married, and who has described me as her "Straight 'gay' best friend" because I go to events such as Broadway plays, while her husband prefers to go out hunting upstate. She has seen me in both male and female modes.
  • Vicki #2 - A woman I met via OK Cupid, and with whom I've developed a good friendship.  She is polyamorous, and I've met her husband, her girlfriend/life partner, and her son.  She has met me in both male and female modes, but I most often meet her in female mode.
  • WDJ - A woman who I met at a Beacon board game meetup. She knows I'm transgender, but never has met me in male mode.  She introduced me to the Whine and Dine meetup before she moved away to be with a man with whom she fell in love.
  • WDS - A male friend since college. He was the "Best Man" at my wedding, and has no idea that I'm transgender.
  • WPB - A woman who hosts Mah Jongg games, and who knows I'm transgender.
  • YGJ - A woman I met at the Yonkers board game meetup. A substitute teacher in "real life", she's a person I want to get to know better as a friend (and only as a friend.)
  • YGM - A woman I met at the Yonkers board game meetup.  She knows I'm transgender, and we interact only in female mode.  She has two young children and a husband in the military.
  • YGN - A woman I met at the Yonkers board game meetup.  She had her first child in 2015, and no longer is a regular at game night. 
  • YGWM - A woman I met at the Yonkers board game meetup.  I'm not sure if she realizes I'm transgender.  But she'd like to develop a friendship, and I'd like that just as much.

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