Monday, July 22, 2019

Quickie: A wasted weekend opportunity.

Today, I missed going to a meetup because my sleepy mind mistook the ending time for the meetup for the starting time.  This is just as well, as I've been spending too much money as of late, and need to cut back a little so that I can afford to live "well" within my means.

- - - - - -

GFJ is spending her weekend at her place, so that she can catch up with work for her Biology class. She was a lab session behind, and had to complete all backlogged work by midnight tonight.  Rather than I get in her way (and cause a perceived need to entertain me), we decided that she should focus on her classwork, and I could occupy myself with other things.

But what did I do?

On Saturday, it was a morning session doing speech therapy at Mercy College.  They are suggesting that I sign up again for the fall semester.  And I said that I would, but would prefer a weekday session due to my weekend commitments with GFJ.  Hopefully, that will be possible, as I'll work my schedule around the session if needed.

Sunday was another day that I got started late, and I didn't realize that I fouled up my chances of attending a brunch meetup with a new group.  I took it easy most of the day, and got in contact with Pat towards dinner time.  She was free to meet after 7:30, so I got ready as Marian and reached her place a little before 8.  And then we chatted about many things (including her age and her chronic ailments) before I had to leave.  One conversation topic I'll mention here was her love life.  There is a man she loved that is again taking an interest in her.  He caused her a lot of trouble, and his narcissistic personality will likely get her into trouble if she falls to her temptations.  Hopefully, she won't do so.

While driving, I had a chat with GFJ.  She finally caught up with her Biology class assignments (just in the nick of time). So when her mom called her being lonely (a guilt trip), she made the road trip to her mom's and drove around to places that have meaning to her mom.  I'm glad I didn't have to go on that trip - I'll be seeing some of those sites soon enough....

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