Sunday, July 21, 2019

Quickie: The loss of a blog I enjoyed.

I always enjoyed Stana's blog, Femulate.  Sadly, and seemingly abruptly, she has decided to stop writing new entries.  No reasons were given why she decided to stop writing her blog, but clues were given over the years about her personal life that might indicate her reasons. I won't make any guesses or to explore my suspicions here. Stana deserves her privacy.  Instead, I will mentioned that I remember meeting her at a Fantasia Fair a long time back, and enjoyed her company.  Hopefully, she will also want to keep in contact....

- - - - - -

Why do I mention the loss of a blog?  Like Meg's blog, Stana's blog is still online for now, and people can read previously published articles. Also, like Meg, Stana's muse has moved on, and she had no need to write new entries.

Stana appears to have done a lot of work for her blog, finding at least one image of people femulating (yes, that is her word) to post with each entry.  She also found a model wearing clothes which she thought trans-gals could femulate well, as well as humorously captioning a photo (or image) for her femulating readers.  This probably takes much more time than it takes for me to write my average entry.  And I'll bet that her format and the time it took to write an entry were factors in her decision to stop producing new posts.

- - - - - -

Most of the time, the muse for people to start blogging comes when we need to talk to the world about things we are experiencing in life.  For me, I started blogging to journal the experiences I was having as I came out as trans.  This blog has morphed into a journal of my life in both genders.  Even though I have less to say now days, I still try to put out daily entries, and talk about things that concern me - especially today's politics.

There are still some roadblocks I continually encounter on my road to femininity, one of them is rejection.  And I will document these events (such as being pushed out of a meetup group for being trans) as they happen.  But I no longer fear the world, so my posts reflect the world as I see it - a place where I can move freely if I am careful.  So I can now focus some entries on the mundane things that happen (or don't happen) around me, such as Lili's wish to start a meetup group and dump the headaches of managing it on me.

- - - - - -

Posting daily entries is a discipline.  I have to plan for having entries ready for days I will not be able to write anything.  Additionally, I have to determine whether I should use a "canned" entry, or write something new to fill in for the day.  The act of writing has helped me have less to say, but to have more important things to say when I say them.  Although this may not show in my blog because I often need to write filler pieces, it has shown up in my off-line life, where I am better able to focus a thought in fewer words than in the past.  (I'm still wordy in my off-line life.)

My other blog suffers not from a lack of material, but from the lack of a regular publishing schedule.  To have a long lasting blog, I think the average blogger has to find a sweet spot between having enough interesting material to post on a regular basis, enough "filler" to use when the muse isn't striking, and enough regularly scheduled time to dedicate to writing the blog.  The blogs that I enjoyed most are ones that came from a person's need to bring out part of his/her soul and make that part public.  And once that need is sated, often the person stops blogging.

- - - - - -

Every blogger has his/her own reason for posting entries, and I have mine.  Right now, I enjoy writing these entries, as it is my way to show that a trans person can gradually shift from living life in one gender to living life in the other gender, and still get along well.  But I've waited the better part of 60 years to do so.  Younger folks have more and different problems than I did, and I hope that they take on the (now) tradition of blogging to make their voices heard....

PS: Stana changed her mind (for now) and has posted another couple of entries.  This makes me very glad, as I enjoy each post she makes....


  1. Thank you for the very kind words, Marian.

    You are correct: I spent a lot of time producing each blog post... two hours minimum, but more typically three or four hours! When I was working, I usually put the blog together in the morning before work and put the bow and ribbon on it during lunch. It provided a needed break from writing very technical manuals.

    Since I retired, I typically spent the morning putting together each blog post. The three and four hour chunks were more noticeable and it did not provide a needed break from anything... it became a job. And after nearly two years of retirement, I got tired of doing it, so I quit.

    I was overwhelmed by the reaction to my quitting. All my regular correspondents had something to say, but what really surprised me were all the strangers who wrote to me saying how important the blog was to them. I had no idea!

    So I decided to continue writing the blog on a limited basis. Once or twice a week at the most. And so it goes.

    Best Wishes,


    1. Stana -

      Thanks for resuming your blog AND for telling us how much work it has been to produce each entry. Hopefully, this will help others with how much work you put into each entry, and appreciate each one that much more....


  2. Thanks for continuing the blog, even on a more limited basis!