Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Meeting up for dinner

The only thing I had planned was dinner with the meetup group.  That meant that I had the whole day free to myself.  And I was glad that I did.  But I'd have been better served if I left my cell phone right side up, as it didn't make any noises when messages or phone calls came in....

- - - - - -

My alarms woke me up around 8:30, and those were the last sounds I heard from my cell phone until 4:30 or so.  (I have a program that turns off all sound if the phone is turned screen down.)    Several people tried to reach me (including Lili) and I didn't respond, not knowing that anyone called.  The one time I heard a ring was shortly after 4:30, and I found that I received about 6 spam calls and 3 calls from Lili.  She had gotten worried because I didn't call her back, so I called her up to tell her that I was OK.

Lili told me that her ex-husband was coming tonight, and not to mention shat they were each other's ex.  I said "no problem" and reminded her to be sure to use the correct pronouns tonight.  Then the call ended, and I had just enough time to shower and get out the door as Marian in time for the meetup.

Arriving at the meetup just before 7, I found that I had to park in the lot across the street from the restaurant.  I was lucky that no signs said not to park there, as I didn't want to walk a block or two to get back to the restaurant.  When I found our group, we were seated at 2 tables, each with 10 people.  Lili and her ex were at one end of the table where I found a seat, and I was at the other.  I didn't see them with each came up to see me, so I was surprised when I found them at my end of the table.

The restaurant was way too noisy to hear anyone speak. This was just as well.  Others could shout to do most of the talking, while I could simply listen and have an excuse for not catching every word of what they had to say.  The food was good, and I'd have the herb chicken with pasta if I were to eat there again.  But I don't this will be anytime soon....

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