Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I was blissfully resting in bed when Lili called.

The most important thing on my docket was a dentist visit.  The filling in one of my molars was failing, and I needed to have it crowned before the tooth decayed beyond repair.  So I tried to make sure I was well relaxed before the visit to the dentist down the hill from me.

- - - - - -

I didn't plan to wake up early today.  Lili didn't sleep last night, and she needed to talk about the problems with her son, her daughter in law, her ex-husband, and a friend with whom she has not been in contact in several months.  Most of all, she needed to talk about the friend who lives near her son, and figure out a way to get in contact with this woman.  This gave Lili an excuse to call me while I was still semi-conscious, and not wanting to wake up fully.

After helping Lili a little, I got off the phone.  Getting ready to see the dentist took a little longer than usual due to GI tract issues.  So I rushed to get ready to see the dentist and got there a few minutes late.  Unfortunately for me, the dentist was running late, and my rushing down the hill wasn't needed.  Although I could have run back to my apartment to fetch the credit card I wanted to use, I didn't bother doing so.  I still get cash back from using this card, and I could risk having this charge on this month's bill.

Today's visit lasted about 3 hours, if you include the wasted time mentioned above.  While in the chair, the dentist and I had an interesting chat. We talked about Obamacare, DC politics (as it relates to health care), and how he is "paying it forward" by teaching at a New York City dental school.  He is giving real world lessons in "chair side manner" as well as the finer points in practicing dentistry.  One thing he teaches his students is NOT to ask for help until the student dentist has learned something new about the patient.  This is the part of my dentist's work that he enjoys most.  By the time our chat ended, he mentioned a possible interest in having lunch one day and chatting outside of the office.  If he is interested in doing so, I'll make sure that he has my email address, so that we can coordinate our schedules to have a lunch together.

- - - - - -

Once finished with the dentist, I drove to the library and picked up a book I want to read for my book club meetup at month end.  It's a thick tome, so I will pace out my reading to complete the book in 3 weeks' time.  And then I had a late lunch at the local pizzeria.

I spent a couple of hours at home, then drove to Beacon for this week's dining meetup.  Parking spaces near the restaurant were at a premium, and I found a spot about a block from the restaurant.  Thankfully, the weather was cloudy, but not wet.  So walking that block was a pleasure. Along the way, I met the brother/sister pair who I often chat with, and we walked into the place together.  The brother saw our group on the left, and we made a bee line to the table.

One thing I don't like about many restaurants is that they try to cram too many people at one table.  This restaurant was one of those places.  The table was too short to hold 3 people on each side, but too long to hold 2 people without wasting space. Given that I am a big gal, I tried to find an open spot wide enough for my big posterior - and I found one.  Luckily, we didn't have enough people to fill every empty seat.  This allowed me to have the room I needed at the table to feel comfortable.

Although the food was good, I probably wouldn't go back to this place on my own.  The food menu was one short page, while the drink menu was 3 long pages.  I like alcohol, but I like being legally able to drive even more. With a driver's license that has my male identity, I find it prudent to be more careful than usual when presenting as a female.

- - - - - -

When dinner was done, I called Lili.  She had fallen asleep, and hung up on my call.  During a returned call to GFJ, Lili called me - she couldn't get back to sleep.  Then, she told me the further story of trying to find her "friend" who lives near her son and daughter in law.

Without going into details, Lili found out that her friend had gotten divorced about 5-6 months ago, and didn't bother to call Lili. After finding out the story of why the woman cut off contact, Lili felt betrayed. I can't fault her for those feelings. This woman leeches off of everyone in her life, and Lili saw the truth about her "friend" for the first time.

Lili's son called while we were in the middle of the call, and there wasn't anything more we needed to say to each other tonight.  And there isn't anything more I can say about tonight....

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