Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I almost forgot to take care of things.

Rocketman.  I liked the film, but Lili didn't.  If you're looking for a bio-pic with meat on the bone, this is not the film for you.  But, if you're looking at an artistic way of painting Elton John's life with music, this is the film for you.

- - - - - -

I forgot that I promised Lili that I would go with her when she visited her bariatric surgeon for a followup.  So, when Lili called me around 1 pm, I suggested that we meet after her appointment, then go to dinner and a movie afterwards.

Lili's taste in movies is different from mine, and she wanted to see an action film.  As for me, I wanted to see a bio-pic, or a story with a real plot.  But I could have gone with escapist trash, such as seeing Conan the Barbarian at the Drafthouse.  The compromise that Lili and I agreed on was Rocketman, the story of Elton John's life. We figured that she had a shot at making the 4:30 showing, and she said she'd call me when she was on her way to the theater.

Now that I knew when and where to meet Lili, I got showered, shaved, and dressed.  Lili called as I was applying my makeup to tell me that she was going to be at the theater at 4:15, and asked me to buy candy for her to eat while at the movie.  There was no way I was going to do this, as it only helps Lili stuff herself with empty calories.  This is the last thing Lili should want, as she is upset that she gained 10 lbs. since her bariatric surgery.  So I let her buy her own candy, while I picked up a small energy bar to sate my hunger after 7 hours of not eating.

While Lili was candy shopping, I called the factory authorized service center for my air conditioner.  They said that my AC's compressor was out of warranty, as it was over 5 years since I bought the appliance.  So I had to start thinking of alternate service arrangements or replacement of the unit.  OUCH!  I chatted with GFJ for a bit, and she recommended that I find out exactly when I bought the appliance - I might be able to squeak it in under the last few weeks of my warranty period. (This would prove to be good advice.)

Lili took care of our tickets, using the gift card we gave her and her (then) boyfriend on their first anniversary of being together.  And once we sat down, she opened up her stock of popcorn, Swedish fish, and chocolate for the carbohydrate/sugar rush she craved.  As for me, I could have done without anything, but Lili kept trying to push junk snacks my way - and it was hard to resist after a while.  By the time the movie was done, Lili was no longer in the mood to have dinner, and I was no longer in the mood to go back indoors.

- - - - - -

It was 7:30, and I decided to take a drive to the Avenue in Newburgh. GFJ and I chatted along the way up, and she talked about her visit to the doctor.  He said that she must have had an awfully good friend to squeeze out all that pus and pooled blood from the wound. And she mentioned that some of the stuff got on me while I was taking care of her.  (I should have been wearing glasses.  But, thankfully, the mess hit my shirt and was easily cleaned off with a moist cloth.)  By the time I reached the Beacon-Newburgh bridge, GFJ and I finished our chat, and I reached the Avenue shortly afterward.

There were two "new" salesladies on the floor when I entered the store, and I doubt that either knew I was transgender when we chatted.  Both hated what the store had to offer, as it neither fit the needs of younger women, nor did it fit the needs of older women.  The styles were either frumpy, tacky or both frumpy and tacky.  The buyers for the chain had no idea of what women are wearing these days, and I started to feel a little sad for these ladies.  Given that one of the two anchor stores in the mall (The Bon Ton) had closed in the past year, and that Sears would soon be closing, I don't expect that this store will be around next year at this time. 

- - - - - -

I left the store shortly before it was scheduled to close, then drove home.  Once home, I pulled apart my filing cabinet to find proof of when I bought my bedroom air conditioner.  Lo and behold, I bought it in 2016, not 2014 as I previously thought.  So I can call the authorized service center to see what they can do for me in the morning.  I guess my pooka is looking out for me after all.

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