Friday, May 24, 2019

I wish I had someone accepting me as Marian to zip and unzip this dress

This dress is a little too tight on me.  Yet, I'd love to be able to wear it at some events, as it poofs out and gives me the illusion of having feminine hips that I do not have.  But it is far from practical, because it is not something I can wear to an office, nor it is something I can wear casually.  Yet, for $20 on a ModCloth "Mystery" sale held a couple of years ago, I got something frivolous that I hope to wear as soon as I can lose another 20 pounds.  (I should be reasonable here.  This dress has a terrible pattern, and gives the illusion that I already have my own zip code.  So wearing it in public would be a foolish goal.)

- - - - - -

Yesterday, I received the following short message from the HR person at the nursing home in response to a query I had about a finger printing receipt:

Is there any way you can scan it?
Also I attached a form to go with the CHRC can't find the one you filled out.
Please fill out and sign and return to me

In a later email, we discussed when I'd next be called up on to pull a shift:

I'm sure now that the nicer weather is coming, the girls will want to take off.

So I guess that I will soon be doing shifts again as people start taking their vacations.  But I first had to drop off paperwork at the nursing home.  Since I was going to go there today, I sent an email to the assistant director of nursing, and asked about the pneumonia shot.  I got the following reply:

Sorry Marian   I just went home sick   I will call you next week and we will pick a day  

I guess I'll have to make another unpaid trip to the nursing home soon.

- - - - - -

My cleaning lady was coming over today, and I made sure to get dressed and out the door before she came.  My first stop while out was at the nursing home. And then, I drove to the GLBT Center to do my shift.  When I got there (but before entering the door), I received the following message:

Tomorrow is Film Friday. Would you be able to help us with the 1pm showing? Sorry I'm late on this!

Since I was feeling very tired (I ate too much at the buffet), I said yes to the request and drove back home to rest before going to game night. 

- - - - - -

As usual, I was late to game night.  However, I was able to get into a couple of games (both of which I lost) before the evening was over.  While I was playing the last game, GFJ sent me a message that she was going to bed and that she'd call me in the morning.  Hopefully, she's having a good time with her family....


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