Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I let GFJ's early for almost no reason - and I was pissed!

This was not the best of weekends.  It was not because anything went wrong between GFJ and I.  Instead, it was because of the delivery timing and placement of a box like the one above.

- - - - - -

My Saturday trip to see GFJ looked like it would be a 3 night weekend. However, I remembered one thing - my Freshly box was supposed to be delivered on Monday.  This meant that I'd have to get home in time to get this food into the freezer, in order to keep it from going bad before I got home.  On the way up to GFJ's place, I called her to give her a heads up of this change in plans, and both of us were a little upset at it.  (It was just as well, for reasons I'll discuss later.) My bag was already packed for a 3 night stay, and I was expecting to drive home sometime on Tuesday morning.

Arriving at her place at 6 pm, neither of us were in the mood to go out for dinner.  We had a long drive ahead of the next morning, and decided to eat a couple of pre-made meals from another service to make some room in her freezer.  By the time we were done, GFJ and I were ready to go to sleep, and we were both in bed and asleep before Saturday Night Live's cold open.  (This week's show had a couple of good bits, especially Weekend Update's usual political jabs at Washington and its denizens.)

- - - - - -

Both of us woke up early and tired the next morning, as we had to drive to Connecticut for Mother's Day with her sister, her mom and the rest of the family.  I tried to nap a little while she drove to her mom's place, while she tried to nap when I drove the leg to her sister's place.  As usual, her sister put on a good spread, and I ate too much.  But it was nice to see everyone again. It was raining hard on the way home, and I was glad that I was the one behind the wheel. This allowed GFJ to fall asleep on the way home from her mom's place.

Although we could have started on her lab experiment for her Biology class when we got home, GFJ decided to put that off until the next day.  And here is where the "fun" began....

- - - - - -

GFJ woke up earlier than I did, and we didn't get started on her lab experiment until the afternoon.  The first experiment involved the use of the scientific method the the dissolution speed of Alka-Seltzer in glasses of water.  It also involved reporting that information using a line chart in Excel - something she had no idea of how to do.  Although we figured that out, she had to repeat two our of three parts of the first activity, as the water temperatures weren't significantly different enough for use in a trend analysis.  Unfortunately, I couldn't stay to help her.  (And I didn't want to be there to help, only because we work and think in very different ways.  Why be in a position to get two people upset when both people are trying to reach the same goal?) 

When I got home, the Freshly box was nowhere to be found.  So I went upstairs and contacted the firm.  Entering the tracking number given on their web site, I found that the delivery agent did deliver a package.  But it wasn't in front of my door where I expected and where my delivery instructions specified.  So I complained, and got a refund for this week's delivery and another $15 credit to my account.  Just for the heck of it, I decided to go downstairs and check to see whether the box was delivered to another entryway.  And then I found the box on the main floor, hidden behind the front door.  If one were to open the front door and get one's mail, one would not see the box behind the door.  So I had good reason to be upset at a package mis-delivery.  But since I found the package, I sent an email to Freshly support saying that I found the package, noting it was not delivered according to instructions and that I didn't expect the lost delivery credit to my account. 

As you can guess - I was very annoyed, as this was the second out of 3 deliveries that did not make it to my front door.  Someone taking a shortcut like this gives both Freshly and its delivery service a bad name.  If I can't count on getting my delivery on time and in the right place, why bother?

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