Thursday, May 23, 2019

Food was on the menu, morning, noon, and night.

Enchiladas Mole Poblano.  YUM!!!!

Today was a day which food ended up a large focus of the day's activities, with no thanks to Lili or myself. 

- - - - - -

As I mentioned, Lili had an appointment this morning with the doctor who will be doing her boob job.  That meant that I had to get moving by 7 am in order to meet her at 8:30 am for the ride out to Long Island.  So it was my task to set several alarms I normally leave off, in order to accomplish this objective.

When I reached Lili, it was a Dunkin Donuts breakfast, and a ride to her doctor in Great Neck.  We got there a little early, and this was just as well because we needed to hunt for a parking spot.  Once in the doctor's office, we had to wait for 45 minutes before Lili was called, and then I had to wait another 45 minutes before Lili came back out.  While waiting, I struck up conversations with a couple of ladies who treated me as if I were a cisgender female. 

The next stop for Lili and me was at a local TD Bank.  She had to make a deposit into a shared account, so that her son could qualify for the mortgage on the house he is buying. Unfortunately, Google Maps' directions weren't clear, and we wasted 15 minutes finding the nearest branch.  (It didn't help that the branch isn't visible from the main road, so we ended up overshooting it several times.)  Once the check was deposited, it was off to the Chinese restaurant to feast on Soup Dumplings. Lunch was an indulgence that I didn't need.  There was too much food on my plate, and I ended up eating it.  This wouldn't have been so bad, except that I had the dining meetup group meeting at 7 pm tonight.

Around 5:00, YGM called, and we caught up on things.  She is being let go from her job, but not because she did anything wrong.  Instead, it's a simple funding issue, and she was the person with the lowest seniority.  She mentioned the cost of her commute, and figures that she'll net more money by being a substitute teacher in a school near her.  Hopefully, she'll come up for the Summer as she mentioned last year.  But it not, I hope to be able to visit her when the weather gets cool again.

Just before I started my drive to the meetup, I got a run in my stockings and had to put a different pair on.  This meant that I had an excuse to drive to The Avenue in Newburgh and buy a few pairs of hose. But I didn't have much time to do so.  I figured that I reached Route 84 in Fishkill by 6:15, I could make it back to the restaurant within 45 minutes.  Well, even with a slowpoke or two in front of me, I was at the intersection of Routes 84 and 9 by 6:10. So it was across the river I went.  I encountered no traffic delays on the way to Newburgh, and I was glad that they had 4 pairs of stockings in my size.  (I could have bought more, but I didn't need them as badly as I might, had I a need to wear them every day.)  On my return to Fishkill, I noticed a major backup on the bridge (in the Westbound direction) that I would hit if I were 10 minutes later. So I was very lucky - I ended up at the Maya Cafe at 6:50, and was early for a change.

At the restaurant, I found the rest of our meetup group waiting for seats.  Although the place begrudgingly took our reservation for 16 people, they weren't ready for us at our scheduled 7:00 dinner time.  By the time we were seated and placed our drink orders, it was after 8:00. And by the time we were done with our meals, it was 9:30.  Although there were 3 new people in attendance tonight, I didn't have much chance to talk with them.  Hopefully, I'll have the chance to get to know them next week.

After the dinner ended, WDJ and I went to McDonald's for a cup of coffee. I won't say much about what we talked about, but it was a continuation of conversations we've been having by email and voice for the past couple of weeks.  Once done with WDJ, I called GFJ.  After 2 days of getting 4 hours of sleep, she is exhausted - especially following a drive to Baltimore to attend her son's law school graduation.  She'll only get about 5 hours of sleep tonight, as she has to be moving at the crack of dawn to get to the graduation on time.

If you're wondering if I'm unhappy about not going with GFJ to Baltimore, don't wonder.  I'm not unhappy.  First, I get a whole weekend to spend as Marian without changing into Mario. Second, her ex-husband (the "Wasband") would be in attendance.  The only times I want to deal with him will be at the weddings of each of their sons.  And even then, I'd rather avoid him if at all possible.

And now to straighten up the mess in my apartment - the cleaning lady comes tomorrow.

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