Saturday, May 25, 2019

A Fantastic Woman and a Trip to the Nom Wah Tea Parlor

I had only two things on my docket for today.  First was hosting the GLBT Center's monthly Film Friday. And second was meeting my niece in NYC for dinner. Unlike many days where I drop a scheduled item or two, I was able to check off both items on my schedule as being accomplished.

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Today was a day spent completely in Marian Mode.  But if I had the day to do over, I'd have dressed in summery clothing, and skipped the faux leather jacket and wearing stockings with my dress.  Instead, I'd have worn a short sleeve shirt, a nice comfortable skirt, and my denim jacket to keep me warm if it got too cool.  At least I know to wear that tomorrow, assuming I go to the Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden meetup (with lunch afterwards).

I got to the GLBT Center a few minutes late, and there was only one person there to watch the film, "A Fantastic Woman".  The story line is simple: A non-op M2F Transgender's male lover dies and she is made to suffer additional losses as both his family and the police try to deny this woman the basic right to grieve over the loss of her lover.  Although this is an excellent film, it is not one I'd enjoy seeing again. Parts of this film touch too close to home for me.

When the film ended, I decided to drive to the subway station near Ex-GF-M's house and go into NYC as cheaply as possible.  Looking at her house, I could tell that nothing has happened with the place since I was last there, and I'd bet that it was still stuck in a probate no-man's land.  (Ex-GF-M's mother in law died, leaving the house to Ex-GF-M. Then Ex-GF-M dies, leaving the house to her next of kin - her brother and sister.)  After 15 months, one would expect that a normal probate process to be complete by now.  But with the two deaths within a three month period, and each person's probate process being legally separate, I can only imagine what her heirs are dealing with now.

Getting on the subway, I got to the Brooklyn Bridge station by 5:30.  So I walked to Broadway to find a place I could relieve myself in a clean washroom, and then over to the Mmuseumm to kill a few minutes.  (No, that is the correct spelling.  Click on that link to see its current exhibitions.)  Once done there, I walked to Chinatown and killed some time drinking iced tea and eating a Mochi donut.  And then, it was off to the Nom Wah Tea Parlor to see my niece.

My niece and I had to wait for roughly 30 minutes for a seat. And then we sat down and ordered 8 plates of Dim Sum.  The look on my niece's face was a sight to behold.  It was almost orgasmic in delight.  She couldn't stop raving about the food. And something my late wife used to say kept coming to mind: "It's better than sex."  We talked about many things, her "employment", her upcoming wedding, and her upcoming move to England to be with her new hubby.  I'll miss her when she's gone.  But I'm a little envious of the life she has ahead of her.

One important topic came up in our chat - the anti-abortion bills being passed in Missouri and Alabama.  My niece, like many women, have seen the need for abortion first hand.  She related the case of one of her friends who didn't know she was pregnant until her 5th month due to medical issues she had related to her reproductive tract.  The baby would have been born with major birth defects and this woman couldn't care for the baby on a minimum wage salary.  What should she have done?  From what my niece said, this woman got a 2nd trimester abortion barely within the last week she could legally get that abortion.  Given the stories I've been told by cisgender women, I am of the belief that the abortion issue should only be resolved by women, and not by men who can never experience pregnancies first hand.  Even if a pro-life decision is made by women, it will be one made by the people most affected by any laws related to birth control and abortion.

All too soon, we had to leave the restaurant.  My niece went home to her house and me to mine.  When I got to my car, I called GFJ for a while, and she told me a little about her time in Baltimore and her plans for tomorrow.  Hopefully, she'll have a great time in DC.  As for me, I'll likely go to tomorrow's meetups....

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