Monday, April 15, 2019

Florida & Bahamas Cruise - Day 7 (At Sea)

Our last day at sea.  This week has gone by very quickly, and it'll be a shame to see tomorrow come.  Sunday to Sunday cruises seem way too short for me - especially after going on several 10+ day cruises.  When Saturday comes, the reality of leaving the ship slaps you in the face when you realize that this chair will be someone else's tomorrow.

- - - - - -

GFJ was feeling better this morning. So I continued reading my book while GFJ sunned and soaked for one last time.  It was a blissful afternoon for me, as my book was more than enough to keep me company for the day.

When 6 pm came, we decided to go for one last dinner at sunset.  You can see how we were treated - as if we were "Number One".  (At least we felt that way.)  I decided to go "Seafood all the way" starting with Bouillabaisse and ending with a shellfish dish over orzo.  Since GFJ is not a seafood person, she ordered the prime rib.  Although it wasn't pretty, it was tasty, and just what she wanted.

Once the sun had set, we left the restaurant and went to see an Elton John revue in the supper club.  Again, we enjoyed the performance without eating off their limited menu. Earlier, we had checked with our steward, and found that we didn't have to put our baggage in the hall until midnight.  So we went directly to The Choir of Man playing in the main theater.

If you remember, on night one, we went to the variety show in the main theater. We found out that free beer was being handed out to people in the first two rows.  So we made sure to get seated in these rows and weren't disappointed.  The performers made a point of it to invite everyone on stage to get a plastic cup felled with ale, and both GFJ and I did just that.  (Even as Mario, I can score a free drink cruising - just not in the way I'd expect.)  We both enjoyed this abbreviated version of the show (NCL limits shows to an hour, and the full show lasts between an hour and a half to two hours.)  And I hope to see it when it tours the USA sometime this year....

- - - - - -

Midnight was closing in, and we had to put our bags in the hall. So we went back to the room, stuffed everything we could into our big bags, and left them outside for transport onto the pier in the morning.  Neither of us slept that well, and missed the ship passing by the Statue of Liberty around 2-3 am.  We were docked by 4 am, and this was the sight outside our cabin....

Although I might have gotten another hour of sleep after this picture was taken, I knew that tomorrow would be a sleep deprived day for me....

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