Friday, March 15, 2019

The Cleaning Lady Cometh

Waking up today, I had a few things on the docket.  And all of them allowed me to be in Marian Mode - as long as I got out of the house before the cleaning lady came.  First would be an early volunteer stint at the GLBT center. Next would be an hour or two making "Arts Bash" related calls for Arts Westchester. And finally, it would be Game Night in Yonkers. All this depended on me cleaning up much of the mess in my apartment before the cleaning lady arrived, and me getting showered, shaved, made up, dressed and out the door before noon.

- - - - - -

When I got moving, I decided to reschedule phone calls for Arts Bash for Monday.  This would give me much more flexibility in how I'd schedule today's activities, and would allow me to do a earlier Thursday stint at the GLBT Center.  So I sent an email off to the lady I'd be working with at AW, and she loved the idea that I'd be coming in on Monday afternoon.

Next, it was off to the GLBT Center.  Arriving there, I found that the volunteer coordinator was stuck in a meeting.  So I cooled my heels for a while, and waited for him to give me my weekly assignment. Once he was out of his meeting, I got my assignment and worked on it for the next 90 minutes. And then it was time to go home.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I chatted with GFJ for a while.  She was coming down from Newburgh to go to Globe Shoes in Paramus.  It seems as if the accidentally tossed out her sneakers when she cleaned out her house preparing it for sale.  Since she has a weird sized foot, she will make a trip to Globe whenever she needs a shoe that has to fit "just right".  Today was the day for her trip.

Unfortunately, GFJ doesn't like to see me in Marian Mode, so I continued on my way back home and dinner.  Although I had chicken in the fridge ready to cook, I decided on some ravioli instead.  The less I have to prepare for eating, the more I like it.  This factor will influence whatever meal delivery package and firm I eventually choose, as I want good, fast, easy and cheap.  And I'll bet that variety will lose out when I make my decisions....

- - - - - -

I drove down to Yonkers in time to play the first of 3 games. As usual, I didn't win any but the collaborative game.  But all were fun.  There was no way I was going to say no to another gamer who asked for a ride home. So I ended up driving him to Tarrytown instead of having a chat with GFJ as soon as I got in my car.  On the way, he asked me about which games I prefer, and I noted that I have no preference.  He suggested that I ask another gamer to bring along one game that I might enjoy.  And I may do so next week.  It was a pleasant change of pace for me to have company for the ride - but I don't want this to become a regular habit....

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