Monday, February 11, 2019

A thought about the partial government shutdown

As I started this entry, the shutdown was 31 days old, and did not look like there was an end in sight.  Middle class people are being driven into poverty because of this pissing match between Trump and the Democrats simply because he didn't get his way.  I can understand that we need "Border Security". Both political parties are willing to spend more money in this area.  But the big question is: Why is GOP leadership unwilling to clean up the mess Trump is making for them.

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Years ago, during the Great Depression, the Democrats took advantage of an opportunity to gain power - and held it for almost a generation.  Pinning the Depression on Hoover and the GOP was a smart political move, and it allowed them to enact political programs which, in the large part, benefited both the middle class and the poor. This, in turn, allowed them to build the political base that the party enjoys today.

Today's GOP stands on few principles.  Instead it trades policy for votes.  Small government is a theme attributed to the GOP, and yet it stomps on states rights when it comes to issues such as Marijuana Legalization.  The GOP once had a Pro-Choice policy until Nixon, then Reagan invited the Fundamentalist Christians to the policy table.  And now, under Trump, we're seeing the ultimate in a transaction based presidency.  In exchange for policy victories, the GOP protects Trump from being held responsible for collusion with Russia. This would never have happened when I was young, and should not be happening now.

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But what does this mean for people like us?  For the general public, most people would choose to remove Trump from power and have a President Pence.  For people in the LGBTIQ communities, this is unacceptable.  Pence is competent, and could cause us much more trouble in 12 months of power than Trump could cause in 36.

Why did this matter when 800,000+ Americans were hurting?

Trump and the GOP have signed a pact with the devil to get and keep power. Religious fundamentalists have taken over the GOP's social policies, and they are out to hurt our community.  In the long term, if Trump wins, virtually ALL Americans are screwed.  If the Democrats win, we may be screwed in the short term - if Trump is eventually forced from office.  As I see things, divided government is good for the LGBTIQ communities, as there is no room to enact questionable policy, no room for Pence to gain power, and no room for Democratic politicians to ignore the importance of our votes.

We have an opportunity to make our communities look good to the country as a whole. It might make sense for the LGBTIQ communities to take up food drives for idle workers, to generate "Go Fund Me" sites to help these people, and to make sure that our good efforts are focused in areas where Fundamentalists have power.  Show people that we care more for them then their leaders, and gradually their allegiances will change.

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Just a thought....

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