Sunday, January 13, 2019

To Kill a Mockingbird

It's hard to believe that I neither read the Harper Lee book, nor watched the Gregory Peck movie which inspired the writing of this play.  However, it's due to Jeff Daniels' starring role in this play that made me want to see it with Vicki....

- - - - - -

Vicki and I planned a rare Broadway Play night about 3+ months ago when tickets for this play first went on sale.  (I had tried to set up a night with HWV, but her social life was way too active to spend an evening with me.)  So when I got up this morning, I was in no rush to do anything, save to do a little apartment cleanup in case Vicki needed to come upstairs for anything.

I got showered and dressed around 3 pm, and waited for Vicki to come.  She was running late, and sent me a text to tell me that she'd arrive around 4:15.  (It was closer to 4:30 that she arrived, but I allocated more than enough time to get to the city, park the car, pick up tickets, and to eat before the show began.)  We got to our usual parking lot around 5:45, picked up our tickets, and then searched for a place to eat.  Instead of having Sushi as originally planned, we went to a Brazilian place for a leisurely dinner. 

- - - - - -

We were lucky not to need to walk too much, as Vicki's foot was hurting her.  The restaurant was a block away from the theater. So when 7:30 came, neither of us felt we had to rush to get to the show on time.  Instead, we walked slowly and made it to our seats with about 15 minutes to spare.  However, Vicki was not prepared to climb the steps into the "Nosebleed Section" of the theater, while I had little trouble with the ascent.

Normally, I wouldn't bother mentioning a trip to the loo.  But tonight, I had to make a "pit stop" and didn't think to do it in the privacy of the restaurant's rest room.  Instead, I waited until I reached the theater and after I climbed up 4-5 flights of steps.  Yes, there was a women's room on the upper balcony level, but it only had 2 stalls in an area not originally designed for a restroom, and both stalls were facing the entryway to the tiny restroom. Normally this wouldn't be much concern to me, but the stall doors had that typical gap between door and side panels which could allow people to see a little of what I was doing. (I certainly wouldn't want any of these women to know I am a biological male needing to tuck "his" equipment.) There was a line of 15 women waiting to relieve themselves standing in line to enter this tiny restroom. So I went about my business quickly, not bothering to tuck myself properly, and left the confines of the restroom before anyone had the chance to give me a second glance.

Although Vicki and I enjoyed the play, we both felt that the second act was better than the first. To me, the first act seemed wooden, and not engaging me with any of the characters. The second act made up for this with better scripting and better chances for the actors to engage the audience.  With this being said, both Vicki and I now want to read the book and watch the movie starring Gregory Peck.

- - - - - -

During my driving (I'm not exactly sure of when I talked most about this), I told Vicki about a job I'm applying for.  If I get it, I'd be working as Marian.  Then we talked about things with GFJ, and we both noted the limits in this relationship and that I'm taking things on a day by day basis, not expecting any commitment from her at this time. It would be sad if we were to break up someday. Yet, this would give me the opportunity to spend most of my time as Marian.  So I'm not in any rush to push GFJ into anything, as there is a limit to how much of my life as Marian I'm willing to give up and there is a strong desire in me to have a healthy relationship with a good woman.


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