Friday, January 11, 2019

I'm finally back to a normal routine.

A little bit to talk about, and a little bit not to talk too much about....

- - - - - -

Over the long weekend, the Cat Lady (TCL) wanted to speak with me.  However, I wasn't going to do that with GFJ around.  (I don't speak to Marian's friends GFJ's around, so I don't feel guilty about not chatting with TCL as Mario when GFJ is around.)  So I used a real excuse for not calling her - my cell phone's battery has gone bad, and I should avoid using the phone until it is repaired or replaced.

Looking at the above phone, you'll see that the touch screen has separated from the rest of the phone.  This is caused by a lithium battery failure, where the battery swells within its case, forcing the separation of touch screen from phone.  My phone looks very much the same.  And I will likely replace it with an updated model that I can use with all 4 major cell phone networks.

- - - - - -

When I got home from GFJ's, I stopped by the local pharmacy.  Seems like the prescription they called me about on Christmas Eve had been put back in stock.  I'll have to touch base with them later on, maybe when the next set of prescriptions have to be filled.  And then it was home to unpack and to rest for a while.  Later on, I put GFJ's Christmas gift (a water filter) on my kitchen faucet (as I did at her place over the weekend), and now have better tasting water.  Hopefully, she'll notice it the next time she comes down to visit.

Around 5 pm, I started getting ready to go out to dinner with the Beacon dining group.  Before I left, I received a message from one of the old Whine and Dine meetup group members, and we agreed to get together next week.  Couple this with a phone call from GFJ, and I was barely out the door in time for dinner.

Arriving in Wappinger's Falls, 20 of our group were already seated for dinner.  That forced me to the overflow table - which was a stroke of good luck.  There were only 4 of us at the table, and we all had an easy time chatting.  While there, another former Whine and Dine member said hello.  Seems like I was a very popular person in that group - even with people knowing I am transgender.

All too soon, dinner ended, and it was time to go home.

- - - - - -            - - - - - -            - - - - - -

Thursday came, and I was glad that I put off my weekly volunteer stint to Friday.  For the life of me, I didn't want to bother getting dressed and stayed in my jammies all day.  Around 1:30, TCL called, and we were on the phone for 45 minutes or so.  I had to explain that I am waiting for a replacement phone to be delivered, and that the best number on which to reach me is my Google Voice number.

I lallygagged the rest of the day, not doing any of the things I should have done, such as getting an oil change and tire rotation, putting the new registration sticker on my car's windshield, and ordering my replacement cell phone.  But when 6 pm came around, I rushed into the shower, and was out the door a little before 7:30.

On the way down to game night, TCL called again.  She had just spent $1100 on car repairs, and is starting to think that she'll have to choose between a moderate kitchen refresh and buying a new car.  If she was into buying a sedan, there are some very good bargains out there if she were going to drive the car into the ground.  (If I had more income, I'd be doing the same research and purchase decisions inspired by an article on TCL had forgotten that I was on the road to game night, and I would be in contact with her tomorrow after she firms up her evening plans.

Reaching the game night venue, I had a pleasant surprise - I was able to find a spot in front of their house.  Even better, I finally won one of the games I played.  (Please note that this entry is typed in on a PC.  I can only imagine what Google's voice transcription would do to the two homonyms ("Won" and "One") next to each other in a prior sentence.)  But there were two more surprises left for me - L (one of the game night regulars) had knitted me a scarf for Xmas, and the Hostess had both a small box of chocolates and a comfy throw for me as Xmas gifts.  I wasn't expecting anything, and I am very grateful that they value my presence in their lives enough to give me gifts.

- - - - - -

One down note for the day - GFJ and I missed each other because she forgot it was game night for me and I wasn't able to reach her before she went to sleep....

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