Saturday, January 12, 2019

Ending an unusual week.

This is something to which I have to look forward.  I want to use my old phone as a backup device (if I stay on Verizon Wireless) and plan to replace the failing battery once I have moved service to the new phone.  Until then, I'm being very careful using the old phone so that I can port my software and data over to the phone.

- - - - - -

There was only one thing on my docket for the day. That was making an appearance at the GLBT Center to do some volunteer work.  Instead of rushing out of the house early, I hung out for a while, as I was expecting a call from the Cat Lady (TCL) to see what our plans would be for the evening. When she called, she sounded sick - as if she had a cold that wasn't going away.  This put the kibosh on me driving to New Jersey for the evening, and caused me to think of other plans.

During the afternoon, I had another email conversation with TCL, and we discussed a draft of the resume and cover letter I may use to apply for a job as Marian.  This conversation was interesting, as she brought up something I didn't think of - the position I'd be applying for had a public component, and was I ready for my family to find out about Marian if there was the right type of publicity?  I said that my brother and I once joked about me applying for jobs both as Mario and as Marian to see if there was any discrimination against males. If I were to get the job as Marian, I always could say that there was discrimination - but I'm comfortable wearing dresses to work if that's what it takes to get the job.  Being serious, TCL has a point, and it is something I must think of if this ever gets to the point where I'm offered a job.

Lallygagging most of the early afternoon, I didn't arrive at the GLBT Center until 3:30, and spent the next 2 hours working on their online calendar.  It seems like any work needing to be done for the center's online presence is usually completed by Thursday, in order for the Volunteer Coordinator to have time off on Fridays.  This meant that the operations director didn't know that the updates were complete, and that he could assign me different projects.  So I ended up correcting errors in the calendar before leaving to go to a meetup that I thought was scheduled for this week.

Arriving in North Salem, I found no one at the meetup site.  Checking the meetup calendar, I found that I made a mistake - the meetup is being held next week.  So I called Lili, and we decided to go to dinner near her house.  Although my dinner came out OK, she had problems with one dish not being cooked to her specifications, spoiling dinner for Lili.  (She wanted the dish cooked without ham, and it came with ham on top of the eggplant stack.  After returning it, a second dish came out luke warm/cool.  This was not acceptable to her, as she would be eating dinner while I'd be waiting for her to finish her meal.)  We were not the only people unhappy with food coming out of the kitchen, so I doubt we'll be going back any time soon....

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