Thursday, December 6, 2018

Thoughts about meeting GFJ's family

I can't say exactly when I started dating GFJ, but I have not met her family.  Her divorce is finally complete, and after 5 years or so, she is finally "free".  And this means that there is no excuse for her to avoid meeting her family.  So I'll be driving up to see her and her family for the holiday - and to eat some turkey....

- - - - - -

After 4 years or so, it is nice to be able to meet GFJ's family.  She has grown in importance in my life over this time. And I don't want to lose her. Yet, there is one thing that could break us up, and that would be my need to be out in the world as Marian.  So far, we have accommodated each other's needs, and have shared good times and bad.  It is only natural that she finally invite me to her family gatherings and vice versa.

When I was young, I might be worried about what the family would think of me. But now, I know to just be myself and everything will be all right.  After losing a spouse, losing a couple of jobs, and losing my mind at times, there is much worse to worry about than what people think - especially if one is relaxed and authentic.  I find I am now able to be this way both as Mario and as Marian, though I am much more comfortable when presenting as Marian.  (Of course, the Marian side of me won't be shown to her family.)

- - - - - -

Of course, this gathering means that things are serious, and I'm comfortable with this development.  I can't read her mind, but I feel that she is moving very cautiously - and that's OK with me.  It's been 22 years since I've lived with a woman, and I'll be just as comfortable being in a relationship where we spend lots of time at each other's residences, than to be living with each other....

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