Friday, December 7, 2018

I finally met GFJ's family

This is the first Thanksgiving that I've spent away from my family in a long while, save for the one occurrence that took place during a late Autumn cruise.  It was very important to show GFJ's family that I am a part of her life, and to get them used to my existence.

- - - - - -

When I got up this morning, I had only one thing on my to do list - Going to GFJ's for Thanksgiving dinner.  In the past, I'd have been overly nervous about meeting "the in-laws" and other family members. But after 61+ years of life, I've learned to "be myself" in moderation.  (Read: Don't shock people, and don't reveal everything about myself.)  So I got showered and dressed (as Mario), and started my drive up to her place around 11 am.

In theory, leaving at 11 am would bring me to GFJ's place at 12:30 - about 30 minutes late. But little things added more delays to my trip.  First, I needed to get some coffee in my system, and McDonald's seemed like the most convenient place to go.  I was wrong.  They were operating out of one service window, as there was a car stuck in front of the other. This cost me an extra 10 minutes that I normally would make up on both Route 9 and the Thruway.  But "tourists" were on Route 9 today, people who did not know the road, and they were traveling well below speed limit so that they wouldn't miss their turns.  (God help us from people who don't know how to use their GPS responsibly.)  So I lost a little bit more time.  Just as bad as the time I lost at McDonalds was the time I lost when I reached New Paltz.  A few minutes before I reached the exit, there was an accident at the intersection of Main street and the Thruway's exit.  As a result traffic was backed up so that the police cars and fire trucks could reach the site of the collision.  Even with this, I was able to reach GFJ's place shortly after her sister arrived. (She got there just before the accident in New Paltz.)

I finally got to meet GFJ's family, and it was a very pleasant afternoon chatting with people I've never met before.  The conversation and food "flowed" freely.  And all too soon, the gathering ended.  (I hope they have a positive opinion of me.) Lili will be disappointed - I got no pictures.  But there was no good reason to do so without breaking the mood of the gathering.  Maybe next time.  GFJ and I went to her office to check on some water samples and to dump some garbage in the building's dumpsters. And then it was time to leave.  We will try to get together over the weekend, my schedule permitting.

On the way home, I stopped by Walmart to see what was going on this evening.  Black Friday sales were all over the place, with many bins of merchandise blocking the aisles.  If I had wanted, I could have bought a Samsung tablet for $130 - not bad for a current model of a tablet I once bought for $300. Since my iPad serves me well, I'm not in the mood to switch back to an Android tablet.

Eventually, I made it home and it was time to rest.  Somehow, I'll have to find a nail salon that is open on Sunday to get a Mani-Pedi.  It's long overdue....

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