Thursday, November 8, 2018

Saturday came, and the weather wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I worried what the weather would be like this morning.  The weather report said we'd get heavy rain, and have strong gusts of wind.  It didn't sound pleasant.  But when I went out to the car, I was confident that everything planned for the day would take place as planned.

- - - - - -

Unlike most days when the weather is good, it seemed like no one was on the road today.   The travel time between Croton and Dobbs Ferry was a comfortable 30 minutes, which gave me time to pick up a forgettable bacon and egg sandwich at a local quick mart.  Arriving a few minutes early at Mercy, I signed myself in and dropped off my speech therapy payment on the receptionist's desk. And then my weekly session began....

The student speech therapist has good ideas, but is not being coached well by her supervisor. There are tools that she could be using to guide me in pitch exercises, but she hasn't been made aware of them.  It's a bad thing when the patient has to instruct the student therapist.  But that's the price one occasionally has to pay when getting discounted TG voice training sessions at a local college.

When the session was over, I chatted with the supervisor about general topics, one of which was her decision to put her daughter into a Catholic high school.  Given what she'll be paying in tuition, it makes sense for her to move to a new school district - and I mentioned my district's court case involving special education which made it to the Supreme Court. As much as she would make a good neighbor, I also had to warn her about the Indian Point nuclear reactor shutdown and how it will affect taxes in my area.  After this, we discussed my relationships, and I mentioned that GFJ's divorce is finally final and complete.  I then mentioned the long term difficulties that GFJ has with me being transgender, and that we may not be able to find a long term place of comfort.  The supervisor (who I can't remember her name right now) then mentioned her divorce. And then she asked about whether GFJ travels with me AND how I travel on cruises.  I mentioned that I prefer to travel as Marian, and joked that she should come with me on a cruise.  (That'll never happen.  But it would be fun to have a new travel partner.)

- - - - - -

I eventually made it home, and decided to rest.  And again, phone calls kept getting in the way of me doing laundry - first with GFJ, and then with Lili.  But I did get 3 loads into the washers, and all were done before Vicki came to meet me for dinner....

Vicki came at 6 pm, and we went to Amarcord in Beacon. The residual rain, the occasional wet patches of road, and her age related difficulties in seeing the road made her very uncomfortable driving to the restaurant.  If I had known this, I'd have driven to the restaurant.  For once, I was glad someone else was driving, as I had the freedom to have a drink if I wanted.  When we got to the restaurant, we ordered a bottle of wine - and it was perfect. This was the start of a great restaurant evening for the two of us. She was impressed by both the quality of the food and the service. But we didn't realize by how much we were going to blow our budget.  So she told me that this was not the meal she wanted me to consider to treat her for a belated birthday meal.

All too soon, our evening came to an end, and it was back to our respective homes.  She is receptive to seeing "To Kill a Mockingbird" on Broadway, but is only open to do so on a weekend.  So I'll have to work on finding a date good for both of us, then tell GFJ that I'd see her the following day.

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