Sunday, August 5, 2018

We didn't go to the party after all.

I wish I could have looked like the woman in the picture above when I was her age.  She is in great shape, has a hot body, and knows how to catch the eyes of everyone around her.  Alas, destiny had other plans for me, and I'm playing out the cards in my hand as best as possible these days.

- - - - - -

As I expected, Lili wasn't sure of what she'd do today.  Would she decide to go to her friend's (Gwen's) party, or would she rather go out shopping as we discussed the night before.  At 1 pm, I found out the answer - shopping won out.  She was not in the mood to spend $35 on a party where she only knew one person.

Lili came over at 5 pm, in as depressed mood as I've ever seen her.  She was speaking to her "ex" boyfriend in the parking lot, and called me when she was done to tell me to get in the car for a drive.  I was OK with this, but wanted to steer her away from the mall of her choice (where I wouldn't find anything I needed) to go to Catherine's in Paramus.  I wasn't looking for anything special, and I didn't care about the colors/patterns of the underwear I was buying.  In fact, I bought one pair that I knew wouldn't look that great on its own, knowing that no one would see it beneath the clothes I'd be wearing.  Lili found a dress on clearance that looked good on me, and I decided to buy it as well.  With a $10 off coupon that Lili found, I was out of the store for only $45.  Not a bad haul for the day!

Next, it was over to Garden State Plaza for a movie.  I didn't want to see the latest installment of the "Mission Impossible" series - the action is too predictable these days. So we went to see Equalizer 2, with Denzel Washington. Lili fent it to be a solid film, and I was glad to have seen this flick.  Yes, it was a little predictable. But it was enjoyable.

After the movie, it was off to the Coach Diner for dinner.  Lili couldn't finish everything, but I had no problems with my meal.  The food there was as good as I remembered.  And then, it was time to go home.  Lili was getting tired after a long day, and I'm not used to driving home with her late in the evening. And I would have preferred it if I were driving. But I got home safely, and that's what matters in the long run....

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