Sunday, August 12, 2018

Quickie: The war is on....

If there was any doubt that a culture war is going on between the fundamentalists and the progressives, there should be no doubt in the transgender community that we are the fundamentalists' first targets.  The state department is retroactively revoking passports issued to transwomen.

In other posts, I've mentioned that Trump has delegated a lot of the policy making decisions of his administration to his vice president, Mike Pence, as part of a deal to lock in the vote of Fundamentalist "Christians".  It sickens me to hear a man of no moral character act as if he gives a hoot for Christian values.  He is more than willing to sacrifice the lives of people who do not fit the mold prescribed to them by religious zealots, as this is part of his deal which allows him to fleece the American public.

It is time to consider having an escape plan, just in case this country gets even more undemocratic. Canada is a good way stop, as the fictional Casablanca was in the WW2 movie. The only problem with Canada is summed up with one German word: Anschluss. Given the nature of their confederation, it is conceivable that the United States could absorb this country against its will.

Sadly, most transgender people do not have enough money to obtain an investor passport in many countries.  However, there still are countries that confer bloodline citizenship to descendants of their citizens - Ireland is one of these countries.  If you qualify for citizenship, your passport allows you to live and work in the European Union.  It is doubtful that the USA will try to annex these lands.

The longer you wait to develop your escape plan, the less likely it will be that you'll be able to use it when it is needed.  There are not many Sugiharas in this world, and not many places they can help you get to when you most need to leave....

PS: Since I saw the first article on transgender passport renewals, this one contradicts it.  The fact that the first article went viral is enough to say that us TG's have good cause to worry.  Let's keep our eyes open and stay vigilant.  It's better to have an occasional false alarm, than to have no alarm at all.

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