Thursday, August 2, 2018

Meeting up for dinner

Dining with a meetup group.  Another chance to go out and about as Marian.  And the more I get out as Marian, the less I want to be seen as Mario.  If I really want to do this transition right, I will need to make many more adjustments in my appearance and mannerisms so that I blend in seamlessly as a female.

- - - - - -

As usual, I didn't have much reason to get moving early.  While relaxing, I received an email from Maria containing a list of New York State computer programming positions open in NYC.  Of course, I will likely send out resumes for these positions. But I also took the time to send a quick email to a fellow I was in contact with last year regarding the civil service exam I took in October.  Hopefully, I will soon hear back from him as well.

By the time I got moving, it was late afternoon, and I didn't have time to do much of anything.  It was just as well, as most things to do would involve money - and I'm not as flush as I'd like to be because of the air conditioner purchase earlier in the month.  I'd like to be doing more. And if I lived in NYC, I'd be more of a museum goer than I am now. But this is not the case.  So finding work is more a task to find something I like doing and that keeps me wanting to get up early in the morning.  One can go to so many museums before boredom sets in, and work has the benefit of adding money to one's pocket instead of draining it from one's pocket.  (Let's ignore the effects of the "Obamacare Cliff" for now.) And it would be nice to have a "regular" routine again.

- - - - - -

I took my time in getting showered, shaved, made up, dressed, and ready to go out the door as Marian. Around 5 pm, I drove to Newburgh and killed time reading a book at the local bookstore. A little after 6:30, I moseyed over to the riverside restaurant where the meetup was being held to find that virtually everyone had cancelled out for the evening - including the hostess, who was stuck at work.  Well, I didn't want to stay for dinner with a 70 y/o man, so we both left the restaurant at 7:15.  I proceeded to the local buffet for a quick bite to eat, then drove home.  It was one of the rare times that I felt uncomfortable driving home in the rain.

Before driving home, I had a very brief conversation with Lili and found out that Saturday's shindig was to celebrate her friend's 60th birthday.  Lili still doesn't know exactly when the party is being held, nor is she sure that it is going to be held at all.  Her friend's grandson is suffering from cancer, and may end up dying due to complications in its treatment. The way Lili talks, it could happen at any time. So who knows what will happen until it happens?

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