Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Being Lazy - An art form for your average retiree

Dagwood Bumstead.  How many people remember this cartoon character?  He taught me that an office is an appropriate place to fall asleep.  (I'm joking here, but with untreated sleep apnea, I was semi conscious much more than I should have been at the office - and this could have been a big factor in me being laid off 4 years ago.)  His wife, Blondie, always seemed to be busy - isn't this almost always true for the females of our species?

- - - - - -

When GFJ left this morning, I had nothing on my schedule.  Could I have called the Cat Lady (TCL) to see if she was free?  Yes, but I was very comfortable in my bed.  Could I have returned Lili's call to find out whether I wanted to go to the car dealership, so that she could shop for the latest version of her car?  Yes, but I wasn't in the mood to hear the latest series of problems in her life.  So I ended up staying in bad until 4 pm. And then I got showered and dressed to spend some time outside in Marian Mode.

Considering that my main cell phone is now in "overage" territory, I made sure to bring the "Marian Only" cell phone along, so that I could make calls to Lili, TCL, and GFJ.  (GFJ's on Verizon, so I could use either phone to talk with her.)  But I never ended up calling Lili.  As expected, my call to TCL took roughly 40 minutes - enough time for me to get from my house to the Avenue in Yonkers.

After a little browsing at the Avenue, it was time to go to Stew Leonard's for some serious shopping.  And shop I did.  $71+ later, I had more than enough food to feed an army and was ready to feed that army. So, on my drive home, I called up GFJ, and she told me about her day seeing her mother in Connecticut.  (Thankfully, the antibiotic she's taking for her Lyme Disease tick bite is also killing her need to cough.  Why should a 93 y/o woman have to worry about catching a bug?)  This was her first visit in a while, and I'm glad she was able to make it.

- - - - - -

As for me, I loaded my refrigerator with the new bounty, and got comfortable for the rest of the evening.....

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