Thursday, July 12, 2018

Quickie: Independance Day with GFJ

I grew up on Warner Brothers' cartoons, and not the type of Television that Fred Rogers would endorse.  But I think we'd both agree that what I watched was still much better than the mindless action loaded crap shown to kids today to brainwash them to be thoughtless participants in a valueless consumer economy.

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Tuesday night, GFJ returned to the house after a night out with her friend. And then we spent much of the next day doing nothing but taking a needed nap.  So it wasn't until 4 pm or so that we considered getting ready to go out and seeing the documentary about Fred Rogers' career, "Won't you be my neighbor?"

By the time we were dressed and ready to go out, it was 7 pm.  So we took the long way down to the Drafthouse, stopping for ice cream along the way.  When we finally arrived at the Drafthouse, I found that I had a free snack credited to my account which had to be ordered on this visit, unless I wanted to lose it.  This meant that GFJ and I were going to enjoy some popcorn with our movie.

As usual, GFJ was having a hard time keeping her eyes open during the movie. Whereas, I found it easy to stay awake enough to enjoy this modest documentary about a truly quiet, humble, and truly Christian fellow (in all of the best senses of the phrase). The world lost a lot when this man passed away, and I wonder what he'd be saying if he saw what mess we've gotten ourselves into these days....

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