Monday, July 9, 2018

Quickie: The hottest day of the year - so far.

As I write this entry, the temperature outside is likely to hit 100 degrees in New York City.  For the beginning of July, this heat is not unreasonable, but it is higher than normal for this time of year.  And I have decided to avoid most of the heat by staying inside and using my air conditioner. GFJ, on the other hand, is supervising workers who are preparing her house for eventual sale.

Doctors tell people to be careful in this kind of heat wave, and I have learned to avoid situations where I can suffer severe dehydration.  I feel a little bit sorry for those people working on GFJ's property today.  GFJ will likely be making sure that those workers are well hydrated today, as she doesn't want anyone having to go to the hospital - which is at least a half hour from where she lives.

GFJ's house was already supposed to be on the market by now.  However, there will always be headaches in liquidating marital assets in a divorce, and her divorce is no exception to this. So, it is likely that this asset liquidation will take much longer than expected. And it is reasonably possible that GFJ will spend another hot summer in the family homestead.

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It still amazes me that in my lifetime, we have gone from a world where most middle class people suffered in the heat to a world where we can avoid much of the suffering via modern air conditioning.  I couldn't bear to live in my apartment without modern air conditioning, and I am grateful that this modern miracle exists.

When I was young, we didn't have modern air conditioning in our "pre war" house. Instead, something like "Swamp Cooling" was used.  In our house, we had a contraption which looked like one of today's air conditioners. However, one poured ice and water into the top of the box, turned on the fan, and drained off the remaining water after it no longer helped cool the room. Smaller versions of such a system are sold today for personal use.

GFJ is dealing with a house like that I lived in years ago.  Hopefully, her future new residence will be much more comfortable in the summer than her current place is now.

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