Friday, July 20, 2018

Hump Day, and my apartment is now in flux.

As I write this, it is Wednesday, and the dining room area of the apartment is in a mess.  I've had to move the dining table out of the way (towards my kitchen) so that my new air conditioner can be installed on Friday.  In addition, my cleaning lady will be coming here tomorrow, and she won't be able to clean as much of the apartment as she usually does. Couple this with going out as Marian tonight and tomorrow night, and I will need to be switching back and forth between both Marian and Mario modes until the weekend comes. (And I was hoping to be able to have my finger nails polished for a few days.)

- - - - - -

Morning came and I tried to have my cleaning lady change her schedule for this week's visit.  Nothing came of it, as I might be her only customer in this area and she may be scheduling me in between other tasks that take her down this way.  So I'll have to get all evidence of Marian out of the way before she gets here tomorrow.

In order to make it to the Cat Lady's (TCL's) house in time to deliver some groceries, I was out the door around noon, and made it to her area around 1:15. Since this was a grocery delivery mission, I went food shopping on the other side of the railroad tracks (she's a block away from the supermarket as the crow flies, but the railroad's presence forces her to drive about a mile for what would be a 5 minute walk. By the time I arrived at her house, it was 2:00 pm, and TCL was very glad to see me (regardless of whether I was presenting as Mario or Marian).

After putting the groceries away, TCL and I talked for a couple of hours, with a few interruptions from several people.  In the future, she will not have a problem seeing me as Marian, though she'd have a general preference for seeing me as Mario. While there, the home care aide came to talk about the assistance she will need.  And it looked like she might not need any surgery.  However, late night messages from TCL refuted that prognosis - she will likely need to go into surgery while she's under her old insurance company and not Medicare.

Before leaving New Jersey, I ran back to the supermarket for some ice cream for TCL. (She asked me to pick up some "Eskimo Pies" on the way over, but there were none in the supermarket freezer.) I dropped off some Klondike Bars, and then it was off to the Bronx. It took me about 90 minutes to make my way from TCL's place over to BXM's place.  On arrival, I decided to wait in front of her apartment building.  And my car flashed the "Engine Hot" light again.  After turning the car off for a few minutes, the light did not come back on - even in the slow traffic we encountered on the way to Mt. Vernon and The Bayou (restaurant). And it was there that we enjoyed a nice meal and nice conversation.  I'm glad that I'm not in her shoes, as once her dad dies, she will not have a job or enough money on which to retire.

- - - - - -

Hopefully, tomorrow will be less busy than today.  I still need to postpone a dentist appointment, and I may end up skipping out on my volunteer shift at the GLBT center.  Once the cleaning lady leaves, I may just take a long needed mid-day nap....

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