Friday, July 13, 2018

Digging out a backup wig for tonight

Lili's son's wedding is coming up this weekend, and I don't want to break out the new wig I have in my closet for the occasion. Instead, I wanted to wash this wig and wear a freshly cleaned wig this weekend, since I don't want to break in a new wig over the summer.

- - - - - -

It took me a while to get moving today.  But once I did, I started to take care of little things before deciding to get showered, made up, dressed and out the door. And I found that the Cat Lady (TCL) wanted to chat about taking her social security benefits.  She wanted to figure out an optimal strategy for taking benefits, as she doesn't want to leave any money on the table for the government if possible.  (She can get more money if she waits before claiming. But there are risks involved in this strategy that she has to be aware of.)  So we chatted for way too long, and I closed the phone call saying that I had to make another phone call by the end of the day. GFJ also tried to call.  For some reason, the phone didn't ring.  Why, I do not know.  But I wasn't able to call her "right back" as she was going to have dinner with a friend. Instead, we chatted while I was on the road to Yonkers.

I arrived in Yonkers with more than an hour to spare before game night.  So I ended up eating at Panera Bread.  And I exchanged pleasantries with one lady who is a regular there on Thursday nights before and after my meal.  It was nice to have someone say hello to me for a change....

Once done with my meal, it was over to game night where we played the usual games and had a good time.  When the hostess arrived home, I was pleasantly stunned by her appearance - she was wearing a nice black and white polka dot dress (large dots) and showing an appropriate amount of cleavage.  As much as I was finding her breasts attractive because of their perfect shape, I also felt a little envious, as I'd love to be able to have a dress like hers look that good on me.  Who knows?  Someday, I may be lucky enough to have a pair as attractive as hers.

- - - - - -

Throughout the day, I had an ongoing conversation with the Cat Lady about the shoes I was going to wear to the upcoming wedding.  She didn't care for the gold sandals I planned to wear. But given a choice between white flats (with gold trim) and these sandals, the sandals won out.  So expect to see a few pictures of me in these shoes from the wedding....

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