Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Thursday spent not playing games.

YGM.  She's a friend I met at the Yonkers Game Night meetup, and someone who I wish lived closer to me.  She's moving to Florida from Eastern Connecticut, and today may be the next to last time I see her before she leaves for her new abode.  Hopefully, we'll stay in contact after she moves. But, being realistic, I'm not sure if we'll be able to maintain a friendship over time.

I was the friend who was there for her when her husband was suffering from delayed PTSD after 2 stints in Iraq.  (It would be wrong to go into his symptoms here, but they triggered her move from Yonkers to her mom's house in Eastern Connecticut.)  After getting treatment AND  separating from the service with a medical discharge, he's looking for work in a region that is less densely populated.  Hopefully, he will experience the peace that he deserves, and that their family will enjoy health, happiness, and prosperity in their new home.

- - - - - -

Earlier this week, I received a message from our game night host that he was cancelling tonight's get together.  Family issues (which I won't go into here) prevented him from being able to host a session this week.  So I scheduled a get together with YGM and made plans to drive the 220 mile round trip to see her.

Not getting much sleep last night, I didn't get moving until 10 am.  Even then, I was moving slowly, as I didn't have much energy. So I got shaved, showered, made up, and dressed. Then, it was out the door by noon.  The drive was uneventful, save that I got caught up in a traffic jam in Waterbury. And I arrived at YGM's place shortly after 2 pm.

When I got to YGM's place, it was as no time had elapsed since the last time we were together. And a lot of things had changed. Her mother was already at their house in Florida, YGM's house was in a worse mess than usual, and YGM was on the phone negotiating a price to move their family belongings from Connecticut to Florida.  Instead of staying at her place and taking a swim, I suggested that we drive to Catherine's to see if the blue dress I saw in Poughkeepsie (see above) was available here. This made it possible for YGM to talk about personal things before reaching the store.

Arriving at Catherine's, I immediately looked for the blue dress. Seeing it on the rack, I "rushed" to try it on, and both YGM and the saleslady said that it looked beautiful on me (with and without the floral chiffon blouse I was wearing). So I jumped at buying the dress, as well as a nice T-Shirt bra which was marked at half price.

After Catherine's, we stopped at Lane Bryant (nothing interesting), Walmart (where she picked up sandals and shoes for her son), and Target (where she bought underwear for both of her children). Then, we went back to her house with a stop at the local market for something to eat.  At her house, her husband talked about his plans for a business he'd like to run.  Only one problem - he has the passion, but not the plan to make it happen. Even though he was in the military for 18 years (with a medical discharge due to PTSD), he is not the conservative that most armed service members are. He has seen way too much to be swayed by the propaganda being issued by the regime in power. So we had a wonderful conversation before I had to leave.  (I'll bet that he was surprised about the points I was bringing up, as he was thinking along those same lines.)

- - - - - -

On the way home, I tried to reach GFJ several times.  She went to sleep early, and called me back when I was near Danbury. She doesn't yet know whether she will be coming down to be with me, or me driving up to her place. Additionally, she doesn't know when she'll be free, as she has to meet with the man buying some of the joint marital assets - and the "Wasband" will be around some of the time.  So I'm hoping that I get a heads up about tomorrow early enough to either get together with her or to make other plans for the evening.  And if I have to make other plans, I'm hoping I can spend another night as Marian before my coach turns into a pumpkin.

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