Saturday, June 9, 2018

Vicki, and the weekly visit with GFJ

Several years ago, the two of us posed for this picture at a BDSM Club which has moved and is largely defunct. It's just as well that I've moved on from there, as I've grown in ways I'd never have expected when this picture was taken.

Vicki and I get together every few weeks or so. And there is something about we click as friends that is best described by Vicki when I'm in male mode:

"He's my best straight 'gay best friend'."

If you look at all the attributes associated with a woman's "gay best friend", these attributes will often include dining, the theater, and other things that two women often do together. So it was only natural for Vicki, when I came out as Trans, for her to accept me for what I am - no matter how I'm presenting at the time.

- - - - - -

Vicki came over at noon, and we proceeded to Aberdeen to have some Dim Sum.  She reminded me that this was the first time she saw me in Mario Mode in exactly one year - as this was the one year anniversary of her father's death.  We didn't eat quickly, yet we felt as if lunch rushed by us.  Both of us felt that their Dim Sum service was quick, so to ensure a rapid table turnover.  Next it was off to Trader Joe's, where both of us proceeded to buy food.  Nothing much to note here, but I wish I had one of those insulated "keep cold" bags with me.

On the way home, we talked of many things.  But when she noted that GFJ and I were a pair again, I said that sooner or later, GFJ would have to shit or get off the pot.  Vicki noted that I could be both a boyfriend and a gal pal with her. And I countered that GFJ has a problem being with me as Marian.  I figure that GFJ has a problem with potentially being seen as a lesbian, even though hardly anyone gives much of a damn any longer, and that what is under my skirt should have no importance to anyone but her or my doctor.  Then, all too soon, we had to part.  We had a good conversation going, but both of us had to get our food into our refrigerators, and she had to get her Mani-Pedi.  So upstairs I went and waited for GFJ.

- - - - - -

As I expected, GFJ got a little busy today and arrived here at 6 pm.  Luckily, I was almost finished with folding laundry when she came, as I needed to get baskets out of the way and clothes into the dresser drawers. And shortly thereafter, we drove South, looking for a place to eat.  One of the places I once went to as Marian (as part of one of the Women's Meetup groups) was empty when we got there (not a good sign), but we had a pleasant meal there.  (I won't mention the name of this Restaurant, but it also has a small, mostly empty strip mall next to it that also bears the name of the restaurant.)  It saddened me to see an empty restaurant that served good food.  But I'll go back there again IF it stays open.

- - - - - -

Thinking of the women's meetup groups....

It looks like one of the groups whose activities I used to attend (until I was pushed out for being trans) is no longer in existence.  It's sad, as I'd have pointed Lili towards this group to help her socialize more with others. Although it wouldn't be a great fit for her, I think she needs to explore being with people.  Another of the groups is still officially in existence, but it never meets anymore.  I guess that the woman who started the group is again busy with family, and doesn't need to run a group anymore.  And the third group, the one that sporadically met, is back in another guise. However, I doubt that I'll try that group out again.

It's sad to see good groups die.  But, like life, all things come to an end.  This seems to be a constant theme in my life.  I've been lucky to find groups I need for a period of time when I need them, and leave when I stop needing them.  Later on, I find that they died - as the core group of people who needed the group no longer need that group, and its reason for being no longer exists.

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