Monday, June 4, 2018

The Spike

Normally, I have 150-250 people reading this blog on a daily basis.  Sometimes, I see a spike into the 300's, but I never see a spike much beyond 600 readers.  Recently, I had a spike over 1,000 readers, and I think it's because I was writing about car repair problems.  If I had a better clue to why I get occasional spikes in readership, I'd likely do a little more to make this blog a little more popular, yet keep enough of the transgender life focus that has been at the core of my writing.

- - - - - -

Bloggers like Stana make me a little jealous. Her blog, Femulate, gets more readers than this blog gets. Yet, I wouldn't want to mimic her style to get readers. Instead, I would prefer to mimic Kim's style in her blog, Traveling Transgender.  She always has an interesting story to tell, but publishes only when she has material worth posting. However, I try to publish an entry each day. So I know that the quality of my posts suffers from time to time, as I always err on the side of having something for my blog's readers to read.

You will note the award above.  Although my blog got one (as did many of the other blogs I read), I do not display this on my blog's home page.  Why not? you may ask.  The answer is simple - the fellow handing them out is only looking to bulk up his aggregator site with links to as many transgender blogs he can find. And this person couldn't even find the 100 blogs needed to make the list when I received his "award."

- - - - - -

So what contributed to what I expect is a short term spike in readership? I think this spike is related to a discussion of my car's problems.  Key off the word "idiot light" in a search, and I'll bet that a lot of blog entries come up. But there have been other spikes for reasons I have yet, and probably will not be able to determine  I'm grateful for all the extra page views. But it doesn't mean that much unless these eyeballs come back again in the future.

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