Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Starting the week off strangely....

I didn't have much on my schedule when I got up this morning.  But I knew I had to be ready for Lili if she called, and I had to be available for the Arts Westchester (AW) meeting in the afternoon.  So I knew that I had to be moving by 11 am, so that I could be in White Plains by 2 pm.

- - - - - -

When I got up, I got myself moving by the expected time. But I didn't hear from Lili.  This meant that it was very unlikely for her to ask me to take her dress shopping today. So I went to the AW meeting and volunteered to collect signatures to petition our local legislators to maintain funding for the arts. 

After the AW meeting, I didn't have much to do.  So I decided to drive to The Avenue in Rockland county to pick up some stockings to replace ones I've ruined, and then to browse through the offerings there and at Catherine's in Paramus.  Although I won't be wearing stockings when the weather warms up, they are nice to wear when the weather is cool as they make one's legs feel so nice.  As much as they are a pain to put on, I love wearing hosiery with a knee length dress so that I can show off my legs.

When I got to Paramus, I started today's exchange of emails with the Cat Lady (TCL).  Seems like she had an easy commute for a change and got home early.  As much as she was surprised to find me in her area, I knew NOT to suggest getting together as it was Monday and that she didn't get enough sleep the night before.  So I mentioned this to her, and said that another time/another day.  And I'll bet that once the school year ends, we'll be able to get together in the middle of the week.

Once I entered Catherine's, I browsed through all the dresses.  As much as I thought that $40 for most of them was a fair price, I was not in the mood to replace any of my dresses yet.  There are a couple I know I'll be retiring soon (Lili said they make the back of my legs look masculine), but I intend to live within a budget as I replace them.  If I knew that I was going to come into some unexpected money, I would have bought one of the dresses. But I was able to resist temptation and leave the store empty handed. Next, it was off to the Garden State Plaza mall.  I wasn't sure if Penney's was still there (it wasn't), so I took a walk around the mall and went back to my car. And then, my brother called.  It looks like we can safely take more money out of the income coming from the family homestead, and this will help a lot.  (If I had known this an hour earlier, I'd have bought one of the dresses at Catherine's that I liked.)

On the way home, I chatted with Pat (the former hypnotist) for a while, and found out that she was able to see Mel Brooks when we went to see him.  I think she was disappointed, as Brooks was repeating the same stuff he talked about the prior year. And I can't blame her, as I had a similar impression - he was doing a "greatest hits" version of his chat topics.

Arriving home, I chatted with GFJ for the third time of the day. And then found that I had a message from the friend who introduced me to AW.  Hopefully, we'll have some time to chat soon....

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