Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Quickie: Speech Therapy

The vocal folds - something so delicate in nature, but playing a part in almost every sound we make to orally communicate with others.

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About a year ago, I found out about a program at Mercy College which helps M2F Transgender folk develop a more feminine sounding voice. So far, I've had a lot of success in this area, but not as much as I'd like. There are physical limits which can not be addressed without surgery, and I do not plan to risk trouble with my voice just to raise my pitch by half an octave.

Compare this voice clip taken in September 2017 with a voice clip taken in February 2018. Has my voice improved much?  I can still hear the male resonance in my voice. And I think I'm hitting the limits of what voice training can do for me.  Yes, I'll continue going to therapy sessions until the beginning of May and assess where I am with my voice.

I'm not sure of who I can ask for an honest opinion.  People close to me would want me to feel good about what I'm doing. People who are not close to me wouldn't be able to judge me, save for a precursory analysis. And the people who have an interest in me would simply be polite and either duck the question or give non-committal answers.

So, I ask you, my readers this question - do you hear any difference in my voice over the 6 month time frame?

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