Thursday, June 14, 2018

Quickie: Being a little annoyed with Lili

We all have some friends who cause us angst at times. And today is one of those times Lili gave me some indigestion.

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First some background....

Lili is a person who tends to act on impulses.  I could never deal with her in a long term relationship, as her impulsive behavior would eventually get the best of me.  The other day, she decided to adopt a 3 month old puppy because she was feeling something missing in her life.  (She had kicked her boyfriend out of her house, but he still lives there until he can find a place to live - or, when Lili changes her mind again.)  A puppy is a great responsibility, trained or not, and Lili had just taken on this commitment while she's supposed to be taking things easy AND in the run up to her son's wedding.

So today.... 

When I got up, I had one thing on my docket - bringing Lili to her surgeon for a 5:30 pm appointment in Great Neck.  This meant that we'd be crossing the East River during rush hour unless we could leave early and kill some time with a little retail therapy.  Unfortunately, Lili had other plans.  She was having lunch with a friend, and didn't want to leave her puppy alone for too long while she treks out to Long Island. Yes, my expectations of the day differed from that of Lili.  But if someone is driving you to and from Long Island during rush hour, you should accommodate that person's desires as much as possible.

I met Lili at 3:30, and we drove down to Long Island with the dog.  Traffic wasn't as bad as expected, but we were lucky.  And then we got to the surgeon's office.  Lili had to wait a half hour before the surgeon was ready for her. At this time, I figured I'd take the puppy for a short walk, so that it could relieve itself in the nearby empty lot. But the puppy wouldn't cooperate. Around 7, I walked the dog again - with the same results.  Eventually Lili came out being steadied by an attending nurse.  After a little chat, I was tasked with driving Lili home - and that's where we really got frustrated with each other.

Lili hadn't eaten since noon. She was very hungry and wanted to make a stop at Dunkin Donuts for some quick carbs. When we got there, no one was paying attention to the drive in window.  I honked my horn and gave them a few seconds - no response.  So I told Lili that I'll go to another DD's, as this place didn't care enough to man its drive in window. Then she got upset at me.  (I can understand this after the fact.  But Lili's poor food planning was part of the problem here.)  When I asked her whether she wanted me to stop at one a few minutes across the bridge, she said she just wanted to go home.  So that's where I headed.

Years ago, my brother and I made a big stink disturbing other diners, as we left a restaurant because its wait staff chose to ignore us. That restaurant has long since been closed.  Maybe we helped to cause it to shut down. I hope so.  But I refuse to tolerate any place which chooses to ignore me and my money when I come to visit.  So you can guess how I felt when the Dunkin Donuts in Little Neck/Douglaston Queens ignored our car at the drive in order station.

Neither of us talked until we were past the midway point to home. And the silence was deafening until Lili tried to reach her "ex?" boyfriend. And that's where Lili hammered home the point that she really needed to eat something and expected me to go inside if necessary. I responded that any place that didn't give a damn about servicing its customers never gets my business.  You can guess how I felt about being ignored at the Dunkin Donuts.  And you can also guess that there was no way to win the argument with Lili, as she was not ready to accept any substitution food to meet her need to quickly get carbohydrates into her system.

On the way home, we stopped at a gas station's quick mart to get a buttered roll and a muffin.  Too bad that Lili didn't keep small bags of pretzels in the car to get a quick carb rush to tide her over until she could eat good food.  Next time, I'll make sure that she has "emergency snacks" on hand so that neither of us gets "Hangry."

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