Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Quickie: And now for something a little different than usual.

As you can see, the space from my desk into the living room was a total mess when this picture was taken.  I started to clean out the hallway closet and have been piling or dumping stuff all over the place at times since then.

It's amazing what one finds when one goes through closets. In my case, I found a large storage container's worth of clothing to give to charity, some old Trivial Pursuit games, wrapping paper that I'll never use, and stuff that hadn't been used since before my wife moved into the apartment over 32 years ago.

Going through the contents of closets is good therapy for me.  Not only am I able to free up space, but I am able to free myself of goods that I'll never really need again and have been too lazy to make the effort to take them to the dumpster or to charity.  Eventually, I'll get all the closets cleaned out in this place, and then I can tackle the big problem - the storage compartment in the basement.

My downstairs storage compartment has become the repository for the bulk of my vinyl record collection, two unassembled racks (bought over 30 years ago) to store much of this collection, boxes of  books that I haven't read in years, and lots of other stuff that needs to be sorted through and disposed of in one fashion or another.  

Upstairs, my dining table looks similar to the photo above. I'd like to clean off the mess here as well, finding new homes for what is on top and around it. And yet, this is better than it was a few months ago.  The need to clean things up has taken hold, and I've been doing a little bit each day.  

One thing I know: I will not be able to get this task done as quickly as I should be doing it.


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