Thursday, June 7, 2018

Lili, the Surgeon, and the Meetup.

It would be so easy to be at Lili's beck and call when she wants.  But there's a problem - if I were to make it easy to use me as a chauffeur, a hair colorist, a computer expert, etc., she'd abuse the friendship if I let her.  So when I have something scheduled for a particular date, I do not make it easy for Lili to get the favor she wants.

- - - - - -

Several days ago, I volunteered to drive Lili to her surgeon. This means that I had to be up and moving by 8 am, and out the door by 9:15.  However, Lili was running late, and I ended up killing 30 minutes, meeting her at 10:30 - giving us just 90 minutes to make it to the surgeon's office on Long Island.

We arrived at the surgeon's office at noon, and still had to wait.  Around 12:15, Lili was called in, and I proceeded to clear my mind for 60-90 minutes. Towards the end of this period someone came out and gave me a little snack - some pretzels and a small bottle of water.  There was a little more to this than I first thought.  It seems as if Lili was being delayed a little, so that she could be directed to get a Doppler scan taken on one leg to determine whether she had a blood clot or not.  This meant that we would have to trek from Great Neck to New Hyde Park (my old stomping grounds), so that she could get this scan.

On the way over to the second office, Lili told me that she outed me yet again.  And again, this pissed me off a little - but there was a circumstance that I'm not sure if Lili knew how to handle.  The receptionist noted that she brought her male friend on one visit, her son on another, her ex-husband on a third, and now a female friend.  Lili told her that I was the person who was with her on the first visit, and that I was Trans.  The woman said that she never would have guessed, given my posture, my body language, and my voice.  As much as I wish Lili had not said anything, I felt good when I heard what happened behind closed doors.

- - - - - -

Once at the second office, Lili registered herself at the front desk - and we proceeded to wait and wait.  Once she was called, I proceeded to wait and wait some more. About 90 minutes later, she came out - and was told that there was no blood clot.  Yet, there was a problem, and her surgeon would discuss this with her on Friday.  At this point, Lili was starving, and she wouldn't accept a quick bite to eat just to boost her blood sugar level. So I told her about the deli across the street (in the always crowded Lake Success shopping center), and we proceeded to enter their parking lot.  She didn't want to go to a deli which focused on Bagels, so we went for pizza.  And the slice of pizza took just enough time to push us into the beginning of rush hour.

- - - - - -

Luckily, traffic to the Northern suburbs flowed smoothly, and we got back to Lili's place at 6.  Since I had booked the two of us for a meetup in Wappinger's Falls, I knew that I'd have to drive fast to get to the meetup at a reasonable time.  Although I wasn't the fastest car on the road, Lili was uncomfortable with my speed and asked me to slow down.  (She's a slow driver, and is the type of person who'd be going 5-10 mph below limit in the right lane.) There was no way that I was going to drop below speed limit on a dry and sunny day and cause traffic to backup behind me.  So I slowed down a little, and kept speeding towards Wappinger's Falls.

The restaurant where the meetup was being held looked closed based on the lack of light coming through its windows. But there was still enough sun out at 7:15 for us to tell that the restaurant was open. So we went inside the Tapas Bar and looked for the meetup group - which we found outside on the patio.  Lili ordered flatbread with clam pieces, while I ordered an order of melted brie and an order of Bratwurst.  With one exception, everyone had either reached retirement age, or soon would be there.  I had a good time with these people, while Lili found them boring.  Lili was happy that we went to a meetup, but did not want to go to this one again.

- - - - - -

After dropping Lili off, I chatted with GFJ. And she told me that she could understand why Lili would find this meetup group boring - not enough commonality in interests. This made a lot of sense. And then, GFJ told me the latest about what is going on with the Wasband, their business, and the liquidation of marital assets.  It's hard to believe that she's been dealing with the divorce for 5 1/2 years now.  But I think she'll be happy when the related ordeals are over.

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