Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday - The beginning of a weekend spent as Mario, and a thought about what went on this week.

Considering how late it was when I finally went to sleep last night, I knew I wasn't going to get moving until late in the morning.  And since it was Friday, it made sense to get dressed as Mario to go out in the world, as I would likely be meeting up with GFJ sometime tonight.

Not knowing when I'd be driving up to see GFJ, or whether she'd be coming down here was an important wrinkle in today's plans.  If I had wakened early, I could have spend the better part of the day out as Marian, then changed into Mario for when I'd see GFJ.  So I did virtually nothing other than do 2 loads of laundry for a daily accomplishment.

- - - - - -

It's hard to believe the news these days.  There is a long standing problem with refugees requesting asylum as they cross our Southern border.  Clinton signed a law which makes illegal border crossing a misdemeanor for a first offense. Yet, we did not bother to fund or acquire the staff needed to process people wanting to make border crossings (at legal entry points) who request asylum. So we allowed a problem to fester until Trump handled it in a ham fisted way.  Now, we're seeing the tent cities being erected in the desert.  And we're seeing a government refusing to let the press investigate what's going on, making sure that they can't show us what our leaders are ashamed of doing.

America often turns a blind eye to abuses done in its name.  We looked the other way when Blacks were lynched in the South just because of the color of their skin.  We looked the other way when our government put Japanese Americans in prison camps just because of the land from which their ancestors lived.  And we still look the other way when people who do not look like us are in need of help.  We can't fix the whole world - there are too many problems for even God to do that. But we can fix ourselves, and see ourselves and the world around us for what it is. Then we can go about fixing things one problem at a time.

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