Friday, June 1, 2018

A Thursday without game night. What shall I do?

At the time I started today's entry, the host and hostess of my Thursday night game meetup in Yonkers are in Disney World with their children.  Hopefully, they are having a great time on their second to last day in Florida.

- - - - - -

Even though I went to sleep earlier than usual last night, I woke up very tired.  This is a little strange. But it could be related to the activities I chronicled in yesterday's entry. And the only thing I had left on my calendar was a visit to the GLBT center for my weekly volunteer stint. 
What I didn't know was the reason Lili was trying to reach me last night.  It seems as if she needed two things:
  • Someone to help her dry her hair today.  (She's supposed to be very inactive while healing from her surgery.)
  • Someone to drive her back to her doctor on Long Island tomorrow.
For different reasons, I couldn't help her.  The doctor read her the riot act for going to the supermarket and to the restaurant the other day, and he wants her to stay at home and do almost nothing. Her belly's right side isn't draining, and the surgeon is a little concerned about that. She, on the other hand, is concerned about how she looks and whether she must cancel her show (jewelry sales venue) this weekend. Unfortunately for Lili, I wasn't able to help her.  I wasn't going to skip out on volunteering today.  And Lili was able to enlist her ex-husband for tomorrow's drive to Long Island.

So this left me with one last day in Marian Mode before the weekend.....

- - - - - -

I got myself moving by mid afternoon, and went to the GLBT Center for my weekly volunteer stint. After a couple of hours of helping out, I decided to take a drive to Yonkers to window shop at The Avenue, then go to Stew Leonard's to do some shopping.  I was pleasantly surprised that the $6.99/lb Lobster sale was on, and I picked up a couple to cook for dinner. Then, it was back home for dinner, as the Game Night was cancelled for this week.

On the way home, I chatted with my brother for a few minutes, and he reminded me that there was some money in the joint account which was owed me. So I stopped at the bank's drive-in ATM to get this month's supply of cash. And then I drove home to eat, pack for a weekend with GFJ, and then to sleep....

One thing I know - I will be in Marian Mode once I return home at weekend's end.

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