Friday, May 25, 2018

The cleaning lady cometh

My apartment does not have wood floors that I can expose. Not only do I have a clause in my proprietary lease or house rules that require me to keep 80% of the apartment carpeted, but there is some damage to the floor underneath which would require replacement of some of the wood.

- - - - - -

Today, I woke up early enough to catch part of "Morning Joe", but decided to fall back to sleep until 9 am.  Rising out of my bed, I proceeded to clean up the remaining mess in the living room and bedroom areas, and prepare the place for the arrival of my cleaning lady.

Normally, my cleaning lady comes in the afternoon, so I proceeded to take a shower around 11 am, and started to get ready to go out as Marian by noon. These plans were interrupted by a phone call from my cleaning lady, asking to come before lunch.  Since I had not started to apply my makeup, I told her to give me about 10 minutes to get dressed - and that game me enough time to put the wardrobe I set out for the day and my makeup kit back in the closet until she was done cleaning.

About an hour and a half after she arrived, the cleaning lady left.  And I was finally free to make lunch, then get dressed in Marian Mode, so that I could do my volunteer stint at the GLBT center. Because I lallygagged at home after the cleaning lady had gone, I didn't get to the GLBT Center until 4 pm - and that is perfect timing these days.  My task for the day was simple - add the full list of vendors to their "Pride Day" web site, so that everyone viewing the site gets to see all of the sponsors in attendance. This was simple, and kept enough of my brain functioning, so that it was a pleasant way to kill time.

Next, it was off to Panera bread, then to game night.  It was busy, but not overcrowded at Panera, and I saw the lady who I'd have liked to develop an acquaintanceship. What I didn't see were the ladies who have been knitting at that table as of late.  Did they find somewhere else to go?  Inquiring minds want to know....

And then, it was off to game night.  This would be the last one for a couple of weeks, as the host/hostess' family will be going to Disney for a week. So I told the story about my car to a couple of people and played a couple of games.  The first game I played, I lost miserably. However, in the second game, City of Spies, I was finally able to win for a change.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I chatted with GFJ for a while.  She told me of the dinner she had tonight. It seems as if the Wasband wants to buy out her share of the family homestead. Hopefully, he isn't looking to get a bargain - she needs as much money as she can get.  Of course, I wonder how much she'll get from the rest of the division of their marital assets.


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