Friday, May 4, 2018

The art of scheduling

Scheduling - a big problem for a transgender using a part time presentation.  For some people, it's easy to do. And for others, it's very difficult.  In my case, not having to go to work on a daily basis, I have the time to work around changes that require me to be either Mario or Marian on any particular day.

- - - - - -

I maintain a personal schedule with appointments being color coded to reflect whether I need to be Mario or Marian during that period of presentation.  Red means Mario and Green means Marian. Generally, I follow a simple rule - never change presentations more than once in a day and always leave enough time between appointments to make that change if needed.

Over the past few years that I've been "out", I have developed a set of "quick change" skills which allow myself to change from Clark Kent to Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta (Wonder Woman). Even with this skill, there are risks.  If I want to have someone over to my house, I have to hide the traces of Marian if someone expecting Mario was to visit. This happens at least once per month, when my cleaning lady stops by to do her magic. This means that time in my apartment has to be included in my schedule as well.

- - - - - -

Today was a day that I could have appeared in both Mario and Marian modes.  I have a prescription for an anti-pneumonia drug that my doctor wants me to take, with a follow-up dose in 6 months. This medicine is to be taken no less than 7 days before I take a Shingles shot. And then, he wants me to get my liver scanned.  All 3 appearances require that I appear as Mario for the part of the day I present myself at these places. But then, I can switch back to Marian mode for the rest of my day.

With that being said, I postponed the first of those Mario mode appearances until tomorrow, where bad weather will encourage me to stay in Mario mode most of the day. And then, I took it easy, and had a quick on-line conversation with GFJ to discuss making use of a spa gift certificate for Mohonk Mountain House, both of us getting 80 minute massages and having use of the spa's facilities for the day.

Around 3:00, I made my way to the GLBT center to stuff envelopes and put stamps on them.  This is the type of no-brain work I could do while watching a movie, and this week's selection was Psycho Beach Party.  I enjoyed the film, and finished up with the envelopes as the film was trying to end.  (A dirty read head on the DVD machine was causing a lot of problems, and I missed the last scene.)  Strangely enough, but it makes perfect sense to me, they have several hundred films in their library, but few I want to watch.  I guess that when I pass away (or empty this apartment of my DVD collection), all my CD/TG related films will go to the center for its library - as I may have a few more in my collection than they have in theirs.

When done there, I chatted with the Cat Lady on my ride to Yonkers, and found out that her cat was going into the vet for a Monday operation to remove a mass in his stomach.  Hopefully, the cat will be OK afterwards.  However, if she needs to see me, to have someone to talk with in person, I'll try to go over in Marian mode.  And then, with a quick stop in Panera Bread and to get cash from the bank, it was over to Game Night where I was early for a change.

All too early, game night ended, and it was time to go home.  GFJ had already gone to bed, and it was too late to call Lili. So it was a little strange driving home without someone to talk with. The reason today went smoothly was because of good scheduling. And that's what has helped me the most when keeping my life as Marian and as Mario as separate as possible.

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