Thursday, May 24, 2018

Quickie: Rain, Rain, Go away as soon as possible.

Last night, a nasty storm made its way into the Hudson Valley, then wreaked much damage with both rain, high winds, and tornadoes. This morning, many people woke up without power, with damage to both car and house.  I'm grateful that the worst of this storm passed me by, as I'm not in the best of positions to recover from a disaster.

- - - - - -

As much as I would have liked to go out as Marian, I really wasn't in the mood to deal with the wet weather. So I stayed home and straightened out my apartment a little while relaxing. There was a lot of clothing that needed folding, and even more that needed laundering.

When I settled down a little to watch a movie, GFJ called.  It was hard for me to focus on what she was saying as I was also interested in what was going on on-screen. Unexpectedly, this was the only chance I'd have to chat with her for the day, as she decided to go to sleep early after cleaning out some of the expired food in her larder.

By dinner time, I wasn't in the mood to cook.  Since I didn't want to apply makeup just to run down to the supermarket in Marian Mode, I ended up going out as Mario. Although I could have stopped at the bank, I skipped that task to stay dry until I reached the supermarket. And then, I bought just enough food to keep me supplied until the weekend. At that time, I'll do a shopping run with GFJ, so that we have the foodstuffs we want to eat over the weekend.

Not much else to say about today - except that I need another "long" stretch in Marian mode soon....

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