Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Monday started the week in an unusual way.

Sometime this morning, Lili called to ask whether I'd accompany her to her surgeon's office for a last visit before her tummy tuck operation. Although GFJ was over, I gave it a little bit of thought and answered in the affirmative (with GFJ's acceptance). This was the start of an interesting day....

- - - - - -

After GFJ and I had our late breakfast, I prepared to go out with Lili.  That left GFJ in the apartment to get ready for her evening at her own pace, while I was on the way out to meet up with Lili in Mario Mode.  While on the road, Lili called me to ask whether I wanted a slice of pizza before we left for Long Island. And she arranged to have a slice waiting for me when I got to the pizzeria.  One issue - I will not eat pizza in a car, as I would a sandwich. Pizza tends to drip oil, and I didn't want to mess up my shirt.  So I ate inside the pizzeria and got a drip of oil on my shirt anyway.

Once done with the pizza, it was off to Long Island.  During the drive, I mentioned that I was seeing GFJ on Wednesday to see Mel Brooks in NYC.  Lili made a comment that things must be getting better between the two of us, and that she'd like to push GFJ a little more into accepting Marian.  I told her she shouldn't do this - but I know Lili will try to do so soon....

We missed most of the traffic jams and reached the surgeon's office 45 minutes early.  This gave us time to fill her car up with gas, get something to drink, and relax a little before seeing the doctor.  When we drove along some residential streets, some nut job was honking her horn at Lili. When Lili was making a right turn, this impatient jerk decided to pass Lili and cut Lili off.  This was the first time I ever saw Lili flip the bird at an overly aggressive driver.

- - - - - -

When we were done killing time, it was back to the surgeon's office where we had to wait for over 45 minutes. While waiting, Lili recognized an old friend who she lost contact with - and had a chat, catching up on old times.  However, Lili doesn't think her friend will call back, as this friend brushed Lili off about 3 years ago, and Lili isn't interested in making the first move to restore contact.  Lili was upset that I mentioned her face lift.  But I didn't want to rub in her face that this is similar to her telling people I am Trans - we both want to control our own narratives.

Lili's name was finally called, and we went into the examination room.  The surgeon arrived, and they started talking past each other, both looking to communicate, but not not knowing how to get on the same wavelength.  Once they were in the same place, I backed away, letting them talk and enabling Lili to get the answers she needs before the operation. By the time we left, no one was in the office. So I was very glad to leave the building and start our way back home.

- - - - - -

We stopped at an Asian supermarket on the way, and got some food that Lili's son and daughter in law could cook when they are around for the surgery next week. And then, it was off to dinner.  The dumpling house Lili likes wasn't open (they may have been on vacation), so we ended up in another Oriental joint. We were among a handful of Caucasians there, as everyone else looked like they came from one area of China or another.  This is usually the sign of a good Chinese place.  Yet, Lili was disappointed that they stopped serving Dim Sum after 3 pm.  But we decided to eat there anyway, and we had a nice meal of authentic Chinese food. (Lili mentioned that her ex husband, who is from mainland China, would enjoy this place and might bring him to this place one day.) However, Lili was looking for something different, and was a little disappointed by the meal.

On the way home, we saw another two idiots on the road.  Both were trying to get off the entrance ramps to their highways and back on the roads from which they came.  I'm glad that Lili was alert and that her eyes were on the road, as some idiot could have gotten us into his/her accident.  (If my wife were still alive, she'd be asking if there was a full moon out tonight.)  It wasn't until 9 pm that I got back to my car, and then to my apartment for the night.

- - - - - -

Tomorrow, I've been roped into joining Lili and her daughter in law for a trip to Kleinfeld's for the wedding dress fitting.  It's only 2 months to go before the wedding, and last minute tasks must be taken care of.  More tomorrow....


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