Monday, May 28, 2018

A weekend with GFJ, with a visit to TR's place.

Sagamore Hill - The "Country" home of Theodore Roosevelt, and one of the handful of presidents I hold in great esteem.

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This weekend started with GFJ coming down to my place earlier than usual for a Saturday, so that we could make it to TR's homestead at a reasonable hour.  I was pleasantly surprised that she arrived before noon, as (unbeknownst to us) we would need every last minute to be able to tour the house before it closed for the day.

Driving to Long Island, we hit very little traffic.  But once on Long Island, we hit quite a few traffic jams on the highways.  Was it the heavy rain?  Who knows?  But it took much longer to get to Oyster Bay than we'd have liked.  Around 2 pm, we arrived at the site and found that the first available tour was at 3:30 pm.  So we ended up going out to a local Oyster Bay coffee shop for a late lunch before going on the tour.

We took the tour, but were not allowed to take pictures inside the building.  Following that, we visited my dad in the nursing home before going out for dinner. We tried going to a place (Stango's in Glen Cove) I've known since I was a kid.  But I didn't know that the place had closed 2 years earlier - after a 95 year run. So we ended up at one of the restaurants my dad enjoyed (Positano's), and had a nice, filling Italian dinner.  At dinner, GFJ got a tough piecf of chicken. So the restaurant cooked up a fresh plate - and GFJ was satisfied with everything.  If it wasn't for the old fashioned ice cream shop (Hildebrandt's) about a mile away, we'd have had dessert at the restaurant as well.  But it was off to the ice cream shop for a banana split - YUM!! YUM!!

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Sunday came, and the two of us went to West Point to see the West Point Band celebrate Armed Forces Day with a set of patriotic music.  It's a great way to gin up the base, so to speak, to respond to music and the symbols of nationalistic pride.  (Yes, I'm a cynic here.  In the right hands, this is a very useful tool for promoting our armed forces as a needed component of our national priorities.  In the wrong hands, this can become a propaganda machine.  But I'll leave that discussion for another day.)  We had a nice time at this free concert, and then went back to Croton to eat at the local diner.

After eating, it was off to the movies, where we saw "Life of the Party". It's an enjoyable piece of fluff, with little connection to reality.  Given all the action films out these days, I'm glad that this film was in the theaters.  GFJ and her friends are a tight bunch of divorcees (and to be divorcees). And she noted that if she saw this film 3 years ago, she'd have had to leave the theater.  Luckily, the divorce decree is almost final - and she is ready to move on.

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