Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A meow needs help

After a nice weekend with GFJ, I had a duty to a friend to fulfill - taking the Cat Lady's (TCL's) cat to the animal hospital to see what they could do for it.  After a 11-12 year lifespan (so far), TCL knows that there is only a limited amount of good she can do for her cat, and only so much she can spend on the care for her cat.  So the decision whether or not to remove a growth in the cat's insides has been a hard one for her - and I volunteered to help her today.

- - - - - -

Last night, because I was tired, I was in bed before 10 pm, and fell asleep before 1 am. So it wasn't surprising that I woke up around 7:30 am without an alarm. And this was just as well, as I was in no hurry to regain full consciousness and alertness. By the time 8:00 came around, I was up and about, taking care of little things before hopping into the shower.

On the way to TCL's place, I stopped into Pleasantville to both get gas and to pick up a Mickey D's breakfast. And from the Taconic Parkway into town and on Marble Avenue to Thornwood, the town was digging up the streets. So I didn't expect that I'd get to TCL's house on time.  And, luckily, I made it there by 10:30 as planned.  This gave us more than 45 minutes to spare in getting to the animal hospital.

TCL brought her cat inside, and we were called in around noon.  The vet there said that they could operate on the cat, as its heart was stable enough for the operation to be successful. But when the full range of likely procedures was listed, TCL would be coming to the animal hospital at least 6 more times for the cat's chemotherapy.  And when one couples how upset and scared the cat was his crate for the trip with the expected coat of $13,000 for a potential gain of 1 year of life, it becomes a very hard decision for TCL. This was not going to be an easy decision, so we went back home to drop off the cat and get something to eat.

After a late lunch, TCL called her local vet to discuss her options.  Now that the animal hospital said that the cat's heart was strong enough to risk the operation, this vet said he'd do the procedure for $2,500 - $3,000.  This made TCL much happier, as she could now afford the procedure to be done on the cat and still have money left over in her rainy day fund.

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