Saturday, April 7, 2018

The middle of the week.

A George Rhoads rolling ball sculpture.  There's a hypnotic affect that seems to go with each one of his works. Never in any setting have I seen any of his works vandalized. But I have seen them go improperly maintained for a while, reducing the impact of his work.

- - - - - -

Why did I lead off the day with a mention of Rhoads' work?  He is an artist who found a niche in life that has allowed his works to be found all over the world. Yet, he can travel anonymously without any problem.  (I don't think he does much traveling anymore because of his age. But I hope he has stayed active in his craft, and that he will be active until the day he dies.)  And that's what I find myself wanting to do more as Marian - live as full a life as possible without being interfered with by people who hate transgender folk.

Recently, I heard of a LGBT Job Fair being held in NYC, and I had to decide whether I would attend, and then whether I would attend as Marian or as Mario. Mentioning this to the Cat Lady in an email, she asked whether I'd attend as Marian or Mario.  Normally, in a non-LGBT environment, the answer would be Mario.  But in a LGBT environment, the question is not easy to answer.  If I were to interview as Marian, I'd want a position which would not require me to commute below ground.  There is no way I could stand the Summer heat commuting as Marian. And I want to work as my authentic self for a change.

Although I got up late this morning, I had more than enough time to get dressed as Marian and make it down to the Bronx to catch the subway to the job fair. Arriving around 2 pm, I figured that an hour would be enough time to make the rounds of the organizations that  might be interested in hiring someone like me - and I was right.  There were all too many places looking for either health care workers, or for the type of service work that only a youngster should take. But there were organizations there that might be of interest to me, and I'll be sending them resumes in the near future. 

As an aside, I parked near Ex-GF-M's house.  It looks like the family is already fixing up the house for sale.  I wish them well....

- - - - - -

When I got home, I thought I'd be going out again.  However, after receiving some co-op correspondence that needed to be addressed ASAP and receiving a call from HWA, I felt that it was too late to go out again - and packed it in for the night.

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