Monday, April 2, 2018

The Dentist, The Board, and The Accountant

I open up this entry with a picture of Moe, Larry, Shemp and Curly. It was the only time that all 3 Howard brothers appeared on screen together, and the four "Three Stooges" set a standard for slapstick comedy that we still remember today.  Sadly, professionals such as my Dentist and my Accountant rarely get such acclaim for their work, as their work is well behind the scenes instead of out in public.

- - - - - -

Monday morning, GFJ had to go back home and take care of work, while I had to stay home and go to the dentist. But first, we had breakfast before she left.

Around 2 pm, I decided to call for a status update regarding my car and found out that the cylinder head was in perfect shape, and all that the car needed was a new head gasket. This was a big relief.  I now know what to expect that the car will cost me, and I know roughly when to expect to pick up the car.  Only one problem - another snowstorm is coming on Wednesday, and that's the most likely date that the car will be ready.

After I left the Dentist, I went out to eat and met one of my neighbors at the local Pizzeria.  He asked about one of the problems we've been having in our complex, and I said that it's a topic whose details I can't talk about because I'm on the board. But I explained the confusion regarding our managing agent's recent mailings and told him to send in written complaints to the board regarding that issue.  For us to do more than make noises about an issue, we need complaints from other residents to justify any legal action we take. And even then, we must operate according to the law, and that involves respecting shareholder privacy under state and federal laws.

- - - - - -

When I awoke the next morning, I had only one thing to formally take care of - the co-op board meeting.  But I also had to find out whether I'd be getting my car back from the dealership, so that I could rescue the snow brush and shovel sitting in the car's back seat.

I called the service agent, and he said it'd be OK for me to pick up the shovel and brush anytime during the day.  While there, he showed me the largely disassembled engine.  I had never seen one before, so I took a couple of pictures before I left. One thing of note: The Honda parts warehouse had not yet shipped the head gasket kit, so I shouldn't expect the car back until Friday or Saturday.

Next it was off to Walmart to pick up a few things, followed by a stop in the local supermarket to get some eggs before Wednesday's snowstorm.  And then, a little bit of rest before the co-op board meeting.

There was one topic at the top of our agenda at the board meeting.  It is a serious problem, and one which will require constant attention.  We all agree that it is a critical issue, but it is something which will take time to resolve.  A problem came up which will require deft handling at our yearly public board meeting. Unfortunately, it's something that could embarrass us if we're not careful.  Sadly, I can not go into details here, but I want to do my best to get this problem resolved in a way that serves the best interest of our shareholders.

- - - - - -

Wednesday came, and I was awakened by a call from a neighbor on the co-op board.  Seemed as if we had no hot water, and something needed to be reset. (At that hour of the morning, I couldn't remember a damned thing in my semi-consciousness.)  When I looked outside, no snow had yet fallen, but I knew that was about to change and that I'd have to reschedule my appointment with the accountant.

I decided not to try visiting the accountant today.  So I sent her an email to tell her that I'd be going down to see her on Thursday or Friday for a short paperwork drop off, and then to see my dad afterwards.  She responded that she didn't bother to open the office, and that I was wise not to have considered visiting her.  What she could not know is that in the Hudson Valley, the amount of snow one got depended on how close to the storm one was.  The further North one was, the less likely one was likely to be affected by the storm. But on Long Island, the storm was expected to dump a lot of wet white stuff on the ground.  I'd hate to shovel 12" of that crap out of the way to get my car out onto the street.

Even with the snow in the forecast, I decided to go to the supermarket and get some fresh food. At noon, I expected that this would be the last time I could go out before the snow hit. But at 4 pm, I looked out my window and could see the driveway pavement.  Seems like the worst of the storm missed us for now.  At this point, I started getting active and did some laundry, then started cleaning out my closet for things I could give to charity. By the time I decided to give it up for the night, it was a little bit after midnight and could fill the trunk of my car with the clothing going to charity.

Hopefully, I'll have that car back in the next couple of days....

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