Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The day before Tax Day and roughly 2200 blog entries have been posted

I spent this past weekend with GFJ. For a good part of one evening, she searched for a spot on one recording that indicated that her to-be ex-husband had done something of dubious legality, so that she could present it to her lawyer.  However, he said that this evidence was found after "discovery" and would likely not be admissible if the case went to court. So again, GFJ gets screwed by this man and doesn't even get kissed....

You might wonder why I open up with this.  Well, this weekend was book-ended by GFJ's upcoming divorce proceedings. Yet, it wasn't the focus of the weekend.  Instead, our focus was staying inside in uncomfortable weather.

- - - - - -

Saturday morning found me waking up without much sleep the night before.  If I hadn't committed to going to speech therapy on Saturday mornings, I'd have stayed in bed and rested for another 4-5 hours.  Instead, I was out the door by 9, and arrived at Mercy at 9:45. After the session, I chatted with the supervisor for a while, and she said that she always loves it when I come in, as I focus on doing the exercises, but make it fun for her and her trainees as well.  As much as I'm not sure if I'll do this again in the fall, I enjoy talking with this lady and would love to keep up contact when the semester is over.

Once done at Mercy, I drove home and tried to nap.  This didn't work out as planned, as I should have used the CPAP machine to make breathing in my sleep that much easier. Tis was not the case, so I ended up driving to GFJ's knowing that I'd fall to sleep earlier than normal. Arriving at GFJ's, I found her listening to 5 year old recordings of her and the Wasband talking business.  Neither of us really wanted to cook, and it was too late to go out for a walk. So it was off to The Little Bear for some Chinese.  The waitress screwed up our order, as she didn't understand exactly what I was ordering.  We enjoyed the mistake, and still ordered the Pickled Cabbage and Pork Soup - although, it was now a "to-go" order.

By the time we got back to her place, we were both tired, and fell asleep well before the 11 pm news.

- - - - - -

The next day, the weather was dreary and we stayed inside all day.  I helped her set up her scanner, and then copied the segment of the recording with the Wasband's admission of dubious practices from her recorder onto a file that could be sent to her lawyer. Neither of us was much in the mood to do anything, so we ended up watching movies during the day and having a late evening dinner.

Unlike the night before, neither of us got good sleep - and this would bother me when I would leave her place.

- - - - - -

GFJ slept through her alarm on Monday, but awoke in time to make it to the courthouse in Kingston. I took my time in getting moving, and started out just as the heavens opened.  By the time I reached the New Paltz toll boths, GFJ called - and gave me a surprise.  The property "settlement" was agreed to, and now it was on to the next step in her divorce: Liquidation of Assets.  And here is where the next set of problems will come into play, as the Wasband is likely not to adhere to the terms of this agreement and GFJ will likely need legal help to force the Wasband to live up to his end of the bargain.

Around 10:15, I stumbled into the 84 Diner, and chatted with DD for a few seconds.  She is now working 6 days/Week, and is too exhausted to do much in her time off other than to dote on her new grandchild.  Seeing her there is a reminder that things are not the same as before, and that life throws us curves that we do our best to hit.

Once home, I was in for the day.  The weather was shitty and I needed a nap. Since I have a co-op board meeting tomorrow and a dermatologist appointment on Wednesday, I won't be able to go out as Marian until Wednesday evening.  But this may work out for the best, as I have things to do as Mario tomorrow, and I may be meeting a new friend from out of town on Wednesday night.

- - - - - -

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