Sunday, April 22, 2018

Quickie: What should I do?

You know  what I'm wearing to the wedding of Lili's son. But I have yet to find someone to go with to the wedding.  And this is an issue.

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I received the wedding invitation about 2 weeks ago, and hadn't sent in my response.  Why, you might ask?  Well, I am having trouble finding someone to go with.  Although Lili would like for GFJ to attend the wedding with me, GFJ wouldn't want to do so if I attend as Marian. And this is a non-starter for me.  Next comes the Cat Lady.  She has said that she usually takes her vacation during the first week of July, staying with her daughter in Virginia. Given that she is the grandmother of a newborn, you can easily guess where she will be that week. And then I had the idea of taking my niece to the wedding. But she will be in London attending two back-to-back weddings during that week.

Should I invite Vicki?  She's married and in a traditional relationship.  So I think this would likely be a non-starter.  (Next time I see her, I'll ask for advice.)  Should I invite Vicki #2? This is a possibility. But I think she'd be more in the mood to enjoy that day with either her wife or husband.  (She's polyamorous, and her life is much more complex than I've indicated here.)  Could I call on BXM?  It's possible, but doubtful given the health of her dad and her relationship with her boyfriend. From there, my list of possibles starts getting shorter and much less likely due to both distance and relationship commitments.

So I have a problem.  Lili expects to see me with a guest.  Any ideas?

PS: YGM volunteered to be my date for the day, assuming she is still in the Northeast.

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