Sunday, April 29, 2018

Quickie: Speech Therapy

Today was my second to last day of Speech Therapy for the semester.  Will I continue it?  I'm not sure. But I'm enjoying this semester much more than I planned, as I'm allowing myself to have fun while trying to keep things focused on my feminine development.

- - - - - -

This session consisted of the usual:

  1. Breathing Exercises.
  2. Vocal Warmups.
  3. Speech pattern development - proper breath taking.
  4. Female body language development.
But it also included one new element: SINGING.

The therapist in training figured that since I was at a Karaoke club a couple of weeks ago, that I might like to have fun singing. And she was right.  She asked me to choose a song to sing, and I chose "Route 66".  (No, I don't have a recording of this, nor did I think of it at the time. But it might have been useful had I wanted to post the clip on this blog.)  When I was done, she gave me a rave review, as I was able to stay in female pitch for the entire song. (The supervisor was having fun as well, watching from a remote TV. But she didn't come in to share in the fun.)

All too soon, the session had to end.  And it will be one last session before I never see this lady again.

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