Thursday, April 19, 2018

Politics on Hump Day

Politics - it reminds me of both Chess and War, as one tries to force others into a bad position, so that you can control the outcome of the game.  And as I write this entry, it appears that our TG unfriendly president has made enough unforced errors that we could see him leave the White House in the near future.  The only question is: Will the GOP be able to protect the Special Prosecutor long enough to get through the Midterm Elections, or will they have to act directly and tell the President it's time to go?

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Why do I mention politics today? 

To answer this, one would have to look at an average day in my life (such as today) and see how what goes on at a macro level (threats to society) affects things at a micro level (threats to individuals like me). And to do this, I'll focus on activities I do on a typical Wednesday, noting things that are at risk.

When I wake up, I go through the usual morning routine without interference from anyone. However, there are not enough protections for me when I choose to leave my apartment as Marian.  For example, the apartment downstairs from me is being sold by my nosy neighbor. However, until it is sold, the apartment is being occupied on a part time basis by a man and his son.  (I know much more about this situation, but as a member of the co-op board, I can only discuss things that can be known to the casual observer.)  Will he cause me any trouble because he and his son may pass by me in the hallways?  Who knows?  But in some states, I could be forced out because TG's like me are not protected by law. And if someone like Mike Pence gets to be the chief executive with a GOP congress, I could lose whatever federal protections I now enjoy.

Once I'm out and about in the world, most people in this region treat me with respect.  This is, in part, because the NYC region is tolerant of human variety. Yet, this could change at a moment's notice if the propaganda machinery of the GOP decides to use TG's as scapegoats.  (We've seen Trump use us as designated targets, but he hasn't been able to stick blame on us for his failures.)  But what would my life be like if I were to do the same things I do in life in Alabama?  Would my current gender non-conformity be protected? 

I rarely have to present my id to go about my daily activities. Credit cards have been issued to me in Marian's name to shop in stores such as The Avenue and Catherine's.  How would I feel if I were to buy things and show credit cards with Mario's name on them when presenting as Mario?  This could easily happen.  Or, even worse, what if I were made to show Mario's identification all the time?  It's bad enough when I have had to do so to enter some buildings in NYC.  But what if this were a regular occurrence in suburbia?  This could happen if the leaders we now have at the national level were able to impose their hatred towards TG's upon states that are tolerant of us.

With all this potential doom and gloom around us, I'm not as worried as I could be.  The signs of a decaying presidency give me hope. Even if Mike Pence was to become president, he wouldn't be able to control the states.  His party is in danger of losing both houses of the legislative branch of government. And this is a good thing. Without both houses, a president has to work with the opposition party, and this means we have a good chance of reversing the losses of the past 15 months.  The GOP has made enough unforced errors to put the rest of us in a good position to win.  Let's hope we have the wisdom to do the right things after our eventual victory....

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