Monday, April 16, 2018

Moderating Comments - A Response to Hate Speech

Editing this blog can be a pain in the ass.  But I have gotten used to doing this on a regular basis, and can generate a readable entry in less than an hour.  However, I have no way to edit comments in real time.  And this has caused me problems in the past.  I certainly don't want tp pass along much of the advertising that have been attached to comments, nor do I want to pass along any hate speech that also comes my way.

When I first started this blog, I got some nasty comments from a militant lesbian saying that transwomen were not real women.  This is a common belief among many cisgender females, and there's not much we can do about it.  But we can do a lot about hate speech, and that's what triggered me to write today's entry.

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Recently, one person decided to spam a comment in my blog, attacking one ethnic group, and blaming this group for all the world's problems.  Thankfully,'s software identified the following comment as spam and kept it from being publicly available:

**** are evil and are the cause of everything evil in this world. Here's a few quick facts about **** for you:
  1. **** created feminism.
  2. **** own the media.
  3. **** start all the wars.
  4. **** are most of the neo-con politicians and advisors.
  5. **** control the media.
  6. **** are the ones pushing for mass immigration of 3rd worlder subhumans.
  7. **** own the global banking system 
  8. **** created pornography 
  9. **** agents carried out False Flag attacks accounting for 95% of all "Terrorist" attacks.
  10. **** created and/or control all the major social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. 
  11. **** were the ones responsible for slavery.
    (The ships which brought African slaves to America were owned by ****) 
  12. **** did 9-11  (Google ******** site for information.)
  13. **** created the bogus science of Psychiatry, which creates fake diseases like ADHD in order to justify selling billions of dollars worth of drugs like Ritalin to "treat" these fake diseases.
The above was edited to make the comment easier to read,
and to tone it down so that it could be displayed here.

A smart person doesn't believe this shit. Yet, nut jobs keep posting this crap where they can. And some fools actually drink the Kool Aid.  You'll note that he blames **** for several issues regarding the media. The **** created the media, own the media, control the media, and created pornography as part of the media he hates.  As I learned from watching Avenue Q - THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN!  You'll note that the spammer distrusts and hates both psychiatry and drugs. If he weren't this so hate filled at one ethnic group, I'd think he was a Scientologist because his thoughts in this area.  Instead, I think this person has a few screws loose, and is quite a few French Fries short of a Happy Meal.  Thankfully, I will likely never meet this jerk.

Years ago, minorities were hit hard by the loss of well-paying entry level jobs in the inner cities. Now, the same lack of opportunity is hitting many in rural areas where whites tend to dominate the local society. And these white people tended to be Trump supporters, as he delivered a message of hope - even though most of these people knew he was selling snake oil.  A recent post in the Palmer Report (a hard left leaning blog) says about these people:

The thing about a trade war is that, while it economically harms everyone involved, it allows the United States to thumb its nose at foreign nations. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Trump has primarily spent his trade war ranting about the nonwhite nations of Mexico and China? This is xenophobic racist nihilism at its stupidest. Trump’s base is cheering him on as he destroys their jobs, their industries, and their local economies, all because it means getting to screw with nonwhite foreigners. 

There’s a reason Donald Trump’s base supported him to begin with: they could tell from Day One that he was incompetent idiot selling snake oil. They just didn’t care. They’re so lost in a haze of racist and xenophobic hatred, they’re willing to ruin their own lives in order to spite those they blame for their own problems and failings. This group of nihilists has been holding America back since before Trump came on the political scene.

I am surprised that this jerk didn't attack the LGBT Community in his comment.  Maybe he only had a limited number of characters he could use for his vile trash sent to the Spam bucket - I'll never know. It wouldn't be surprising if a longer, more complete version of his comment attacked us transgenders as well, given the hatred towards us shown by many in Trump's base.

Most of the bloggers I've met deal with this problem. And that's why we moderate comments posted on our blogs.  Once a spammer knows your blog accepts unmoderated comments, it takes forever to get rid of the crap that gets posted. But, as I have found, some of the worst offenders go away when they find out that their crap doesn't show up on a site.  And in this case, I hope I never see this person post again, as a large number of my friends are of this ethnic group and they have treated me better than many of my own group have treated me.


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